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Monday, May 18, 2009

Yummy Stuff I Could Eat Every Day...

....and usually do.

  • crunchy peanut butter
  • Brian's mom's plum or apricot jam
  • french vanilla yogurt
  • seedy bread
  • cheddar cheese; sliced really thin
  • oatmeal cookies
  • black licorice
  • bread crusts (I'm not fussy. I'll eat your kids' bread crusts too.)


  • Anything roasted. ie: cauliflower, potato, carrots
  • Anything with a bit of grilled cheese on it. Especially the crunchy bits.
  • soft things like ice cream or chocolate pudding
  • dark chocolate. Really dark.
  • seeds and nuts. All of them.
  • coffee beans

Stuff I could probably live without:

  • shrimp
  • curry
  • onions that still have any crunch left to them.
  • steak
  • rare meat
  • garlic cheese
  • smokies
  • meatloaf
  • chips. I like chips, but I could live without them.
  • wonder bread
  • all cereal containing marshmallow bits; coloured bits; stuff that squishes; or turns your milk an unholy colour
  • milk; for that matter. I like soy milk better.

This is a reciprocal exercise. I showed you mine, now you have to show me yours.


mmichele said...

I'll join you on your 'eat' list but I will have to add curry.

Roo said...

yummy stuff i could eat every day:

-vanilla lattes (jocelyns), pumpkin spice lattes with whipping cream -- lots (starbucks), iced cappicinnos (Tim H.), black coffee (brian b's)

-strawberries and watermelon.

-any kind of chocolate that i can get my hands on.

-nuttin butter ice cream from safeway.


Stuff I could live without:



-sunny d

jb said...

i am with you on the black licorice. :)

i also love:
chocolate (any form, type, etc.)
thai food
italian food
mexican food (especially guacamole, made WITHOUT sour cream)
grapefruit and mandarines
egg salad sandwiches
bean soup

i could live without:
white bread
baked potatoes
green/yellow wax beans
cream corn
soy cheese
processed meat

Karla said...

I think cereal is really gross. Soggy, squishy mushy stuff soaked in milk? Ick.

I'm still addicted to "Sweet Chili Heat" doritos. Yum. My mouth waters when I just think of them.

I love lemon anything. I'd pick lemon over chocolate any day of any week. I know, I'm in the minority.

I don't like "christmas" oranges. They're too soggy and mushy. (I've got issues with soggy mushy things).

I could use one of Brian's lime margaritas right about now.

Bags4Darfur said...

well, I know that curry is good, and when someone makes good curry i quite like it. But. I could live without it because I once had a roommate who went through a phase of cooking curry EVERY SINGLE NIGHT and I am still saturated from that experience.

Masawwa. No kidding. It would be so awesome if I could add that to my list of stuff I eat almost every day. yum.
Same yuck to escargot and sunny d. Those things are pure evil.

thai food. yum. Except that this is where my issue with shrimp was born. i had a bad thai/shrimp experience.

mexican food. OH!!! mexican food. beany goodness.... egg salad (yum) bean soup. Beans of any sort.

But olives and baked potatoes? holy shamoley, I love those things. green olives. black olives. kalamari olives. dead olives, live olives. olives with pimento.... AH, olives!

Cereal. Yeah, but cereal eaten out of the box, crunchy? yum. And porriage? yum. But soaked in milk? Just weird, and kind of evil.

I ate sweet chili heat in your honour this weekend. Not for me. It was a personal sacrifice, but I did it JUST for you.

Lemon. LEMON!! I can't believe I didn't think of lemon. I love lemon. Lemon cheesecake is the best cheesecake. Lemon drinks are the best. Lemony margueritas are the best! lemon chicken. lemon lemons. The Colour Lemon! I love lemon.

If you love lemon and you love chips, then do you love hint of lime doritos? I love those. That's one chip that I actually could not live without.

I have to go and snack now.

tanya said...

You had me at dark chocolate.

Roo said...

ps oh and i'd like to add chocolate covered black licorace.

Anonymous said...

Foods I would love to eat everyday:
- Creamy Rice Pudding (no cinnamon)
- Triple Salt Black Licorice
- Dried Apricots (dare not eat everyday – they do b-a-d things to my system, which I don’t really mind, but everyone else does, if you get my, uh, drift)
- Safeway’s Select brand lime frozen fruit bars (almost like having a margarita)
- Miss Vicki’s Honey & Roasted Garlic Chips
- Roasted Vegetables
- Fruit
- Costco or Tim’s Iced Capps (sadly, allow myself only 2-3/yr.)

- coffee, tea
- hamburgers
- tomato sauces
- raw broccoli

I Could live without:
- dough (pastry especially, but including bread, etc.)
- ice cream
- chocolate
- most breakfast foods
- green peppers
- pasta
- vitamins that are too large to swallow (oops, not a food item; just needed to vent)


Bags4Darfur said...

hold on a minute. There's chocolate covered black licorice?!

Dried apricots- yum. Or in Brian's lentil and apricot soup. Big Yum.
Also dried prunes. Actually, all dried fruit, in or out of pluma moos.

okay, e. You know that I love you passionately. But DOUGH??!! Dough is the cornerstone of my very existence. Without dough, how could I hope to maintain my doughy silhouette?! I LOVE DOUGH! or ice cream?! oh man.
I'm with you on the green peppers though. They are like backwards flatulence.

Jennie C. said...

Yummy Stuff I Could Eat Every Day...
* bread
* cheese
* chocolate
* beer
* homemade soup
* mangoes

* olives
* pasta
* medium rare beef
* curry
* a sandwich made by someone else (they always taste better)

Stuff I could ABSOLUTELY live without:
* bread crusts
* oatmeal

OK - is "Brian's Lentil and Apricot Soup" the recipe from AllRecipes? I make that recipe (double the spices) and it's a family favourite.

Anonymous said...

Could eat every day:
- popcorn
- coffee
- taco chips

- Fresh bread
- fruit
- cheese
- vegetables
- salads
- cranberry muffins

Live without:
- liver
- raw peppers
- oysters
- processed meat
- soda pop


Becky said...

Oh, I love food so much it's hard to know where to start:)
eat every day:
fruit (I just bought a sweet juicy watermelon...mmmm)
fruity juice/iced tea
bread...especially with melted cheese
anything garlicy
cereal...I love cereal!
sour cream

orange soda pop (I would have it every day, but it's probably not a good idea)
mexican food...i love guacamole
chips: I love the sweet chili heat and the lime tortillas too!
chocolate, although not as much during pregnancy for some reason
nuts, seeds, trailmix
steak!!!! wish I knew how to prepare it properly

do without:
olives...just thinking about walking past the olive cart at superstore is gross!
peppers...especially green
black licorice

Anonymous said...

Love the lime chips and have found Bud Light Lime beer-as of now only available in the USA, but apparently coming to Canada by the end of May (that's my beer poetry for today) (and it comes in a super cool aluminum bottle)

Being a picky eater makes my list of "do without" extremely long...

food I could eat everyday
-milk (real milk)
-greek salad with chicken
-fresh bread

Carolyn Kornelsen