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Thursday, February 18, 2010

7th Day of Sheer Bliss and Happiness

This Boy.
He makes me happy.

Every day at lunch break, my eleven year old boy walks home from school for lunch. Now, for most of you urbanites, that's no big deal because that's what most kids do. Go to a lunch program, or go home. Well, in these rural pockets, we still have quite a bit of "Hoo-Ville" going on. Kids go to school with their lunch bags and stay there all day. They are supervised at lunch by school staff. I know. The things people around here take for granted! In the real world... one just can't assume that one's child will be looked after at lunch break.

But I digress.
Perhaps I don't live in the real world? My son not only doesn't go to a lunch program, or pack a sandwich for school.... he chooses to come home to a household full of ankle biters on his lunch break.

I always enjoy seeing him, even though I'm often extremely preoccupied and busy feeding and wiping and sopping and instructing.

He usually doesn't like what I made for lunch. (fussy, fussy. Runs in the family). But he doesn't complain. He just figures something out for himself.

Sometimes its half a dozen mini applesauce muffins with chocolate chips.

Works for me.

He always says; "Bye, mom" before heading back to school.
I always say, "Bye, honey-- I love you..."
And then he always says; "I love you too".

I really like that part.
It makes me really happy.


Anonymous said...

Awww....that's so sweet! I'm crying now!

Karla said...

There's only one Micah in the world - he's amazing, isn't he?

Mary K. said...

ditto on what anonymous said... exactly my thots -- except I'm not crying. My happy today is a great book I'm reading called The Naked Gospel -- feel like some scales are dropping off my heart. Schwester Mary

briacolleen said...

I posted some happy about my boy too!

Love your son's hair!

(my word verification was 'fargical'...sounds like a cream you buy that you say you're buying for someone else but you're really buying for yourself...haha.)

Roo said...


it's a gong show... said...


PamJ said...

that is so very awesome.

Heather said...

awww so sweet!

michelle said...

Awww... that IS sweet!! But I hear the lunch monitors are pretty awesome should he decide to stay at school! :)