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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'm So Happy I Could Puke

I'm so happy that there are people in the world who enjoy paperwork, phone calls, columns, spread sheets, calculators, files, figures involving more than one digit, transaction records, and special number codes.
I'm even happy that there may be one person out there who even loves one of the aforementioned abominations.
I'm so very, very happy today, that its difficult to conceal my euphoria.


Anonymous said...

I think we are either gifted in one area of life or the other. You, are gifted with creativity. I am not and LOVE the aforementioned!

Anonymous said...

Oh ya...and seeing that empty drawer with that stack of papers/stuff waiting to be organized...would make me happy!

briacolleen said...

I finally bit the bullet and did all of my filing the other day. I hate it but, honestly, I feel way happier now that it's done. I like order I just don't always like putting the work in...lazy me :)

Anonymous said...

My happy today was subbing in a very organized class -- but happier than that -- that I'M not teaching fulltime. ahhhhh the freedom!!!
Schwester Mary

joyce said...

you're right about the pile requiring organisation. I like doing that stuff quite a lot. Sorting, organising, reshuffling.
But filing income tax? blech. Making appointments? blech. That's why I'm so happy there are people in the world like you. Someone to do my taxes. All I have to do is find the papers and figure some stuff out, which is enough to nearly kill me annually.

Bria, Is this not what OCD husbands are for? Of course, it feels good when its done. Much like the removal of an inflamed appendix. hmmmm.

Mary- what. No scrabble?!

Karla said...

Maybe I could come and supervise.... not with the number stuff - I'm too dumb for that. No, with the things that give me chills and amazing feelings of euphoria - fresh file folders, sticky labels, sharp, new sharpie markers, and rubbermade bins. All of these things make me happy.

mmichele said...

Karla. Should you happen to check the comments again. I need. You.

Karla said...

Michele - you supply the Sharpies, I"ll supply the time! Oh, and MIchele - so neat to see that Henk DeBruyn and you are connected. We know his son Rick really well - Mike grew up a few blocks from their family in the North End. I would love to come for a personal field trip to the Indian Family Center sometime.