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Sunday, July 11, 2010

More Summer: Winnipeg Folk Fest 2010

Our beautiful firstborn daughter turned sweet sixteen!

Lots of places for the eyes to roam.

Chop, chop, chop.
With two daughters in the apprenticeship program, we got to spend time with them in La Cuisine! A big highlight for me.

Most people come for the music...
I'm more about the bag fashion, footwear, textiles, and other folky awesomeness.

So much to take in... I love the diversity.
Around here-- everyone is normal.

And I met God in the most unexpected places.
More on that another post.

Good food.
Great people.


Lori said...

How much fun is that! We went to our small town CANDY Parade. Guess what that's about?

janice said...

I LOVE summer - sometimes in winter I think I would like to emigrate to New Zealand, but summer is all the sweeter because it follows winter.

LOVE how your kids like each other. That is a sign of a happy home.

joyce said...

shsh.... don't tell my kids that towns have CANDY PARADES!!!

Janice, that's an amazing attitude. However.
Couldn't we just switch things up a little, have winter for say.... November and December, and then move back towards spring and summer?!

ok. So I didn't snap the photos where they are calling each other p---nis or dumbo, trying to rip each others' skin off, or rolling their eyes. But yes. They do love each other.... Even when they despise each other. Nothing makes a mom more at rest and more contented than seeing her children love each other. Means the world to me.

Karla said...


It just needed to be said. :)

Heather Plett said...

It's a shame that you didn't run into me at the Folk Fest - I had one of the nicest bags there! So nice, in fact, that it garnered praise from the worn and weary bag-checkers at the front gate who see nothing but bags, bags, and more bags every day.

It's a "bagsfordarfur" original and it barely leaves my side. :-)