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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

If I Could Bottle Summer..


janice said...

YES!! I love summer. We are so privileged to live with our harsh winters that give us our appreciation for summer.

I love the chrome chair and enamel bucket and laundry drying outside. But, how do you go barefoot and have such clean feet?

joyce said...

the kids and I have decided to reverse the seasons. Winter will now be two months long, just to cover Christmas. we'll enjoy much longer summers this way.

ok. chrome chair: I got two of those, plus a folding leaf small table of the same era for $4. Thrift shop was going to discard them. (ninnies) They need someone on their board who knows good junk when she sees it.

Feet: well, I've been mostly painting and not gardening as much. a close up would reveal green paint on several toes. The under belly of both feet would reveal nasty callouses and perma dirt.

Barefoot. One of life's greatest pleasures.

janice said...

Nice new blog look.

(My feet are bare, under my desk, sandals to slip into when I walk)

joyce said...

huh. I tried out some new templates and didn't think I had made anything permanent. I'm not sure I like how it narrows the pictures all down in a row like that. I like the sepia colour though.

Can you imagine that my sons don't like to wear their sandals? socks and runners all summer long.

Are you getting some holidays this summer?

Anonymous said...

Love the new look, Joyce!

candy said...

how romantic are your pictures!!!

I hope you do not think I am obnoxious in my trying to get in touch with you about the wonderful for my friend Esther. Hope to talk to you soon and I love the refreshmants that you have made on your blog page.


Anonymous said...

love your new format!

The Naked Chef