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Monday, July 05, 2010

Summer in a Snap; Part I

Armed with little more than the essentials.... nutella and chips..... we headed off to Kenora, Ontario to celebrate Canada's birthday. After the fun of over nighting in a hotel, eating out, swimming, and lazing around, we headed for one of our favourite lakes.

(Doesn't hurt that my bro has a cabin upon it, and shares oh-so generously....)

That walking cast thrilled and amazed us all over again. No missing out on summer fun for our sweet water bug.

Sure, we totally bombed on finding the fireworks in Kenora; but no matter.
Some thoughtful cabin dweller around the bend gave us a fabulous show!

Seriously, my most favourite summer moments.
We never grow tired of people who so kindly share their boats.... and tubes..... and cabins....

My kids made me grin ear to ear.
How'd we get so lucky to have this gracious, fun-loving, hilarious, big hearted family?


HappyGirl02 said...

i'm thinkin it has something to do with the gracious, fun-loving, hilarious, big hearted parents

joyce said...

oh, you are toooo kind!!
My siblings are wonderful- brother shares his cabin, and bro-in-law shares his boat. We share our messy, loud children!

Anonymous said...

Oh what fun -- am soooo looking forward to going there as well. Pics look fantastic. I can just smell the air, feel the water, hear the screams, taste the morning coffee....... Can't wait.