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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dear Tucker...

It's true what they say-- you just don't know what you got til it's gone.
There I was, with the very salt of the earth- all this goodness at my fingertips.
And then I made that long drive home...
To that oversized dumpster-esque beast in my driveway...
And the impossible thousands of concrete stones in my cellar.
I ached with the memory of your furry, bacony goodness.
The way you grinned at me.
All the mini excursions to examine Fisher's crab trap.... the school of baby fishies...the new old bicycle coasting down the valley hill.
It's all gone now and I alone am afronted by the impossibility of emptying a mammoth sandbox grain by concretey grain.
How I long for the days of spacious grass sitting rooms ,a cozy boler for six, ice clinking in my glass, and time enough to commiserate until dawn.
Tucker, I love you.
Your people are good.
And courageous.
All the thoughts of your brownness will sustain me through the torturous days that await me here
below the earth.


Anonymous said...


joyce said...

weird post, or what?
The breakdown: Tucker= that beautiful golden retriever in the forefront. (referred to by his loved ones as "bacon fat" I had so much fun with him and his family over the past few days.
Boler in the background= Boler Babe

We sat in that boler for many hours being old friends. (I think after fifteen years, we're "old" friends?) We met when our big girls were babies.

Now of course, I'm back at home helping out with the mass project of chipping out the entire basement floor to start all over again. This time we'll have a basement with a drainage system and a sump pump.

And yes, we're making progress. Just look at all the blisters on Brian's hands, and the nails that just might fall right off his fingertips.

Work is fun too though, in its own way. The two of us conquering that stupid hole. Sweating away all the way to beer oclock. Then that shower-- wow! it feels great.

Rosa said...

wayyyyy to much information!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"Tucker": "Their dog is dead?"

"Bacon": "they want to (gasp) EAT the dog?)

"Boler?" Google "define boler."***last name, frequency rank in the US is 12096****

joyce said...

Tucker is alive and "bacon" is an undiscovered term of endearment. "Bacon" refers to the lovely fullness of Tucker's frame and to state of being- irresistable.

I don't really get the bit about the frequency rate... as in "Boler" is a surname? Around here it's a discontinued camper- round, little, well designed. ie- that adorable thing on wheels behind the big old green armchair, and beside the Babe.

Rosa- I'll assume you mean that it's too much info that we sat in the boler and you missed out?
shoulda been there...

janice said...

You knew what you meant. It is your blog.

I was just happy to hear that the dog was alive. I love dogs. Do you still have the little black one?

Anonymous said...

oh joyce... too funny.
the baconator and the rest of us are back from a great camp trip.
the boler - would be available for your use this weekend?
would that help with your plans?
take the boler - and babe out with your daughter...
ginny ha ha.
oh. and word verification
scober.. too close to sober ...
scober on sister!

joyce said...

All dogs are alive and well. Tucker the retriever, and Shadow the little black chicken dog.

Yeah, I knew what I meant. Sometimes it gets confusing. Do I write what's in my head and block out the imaginary audience? I know what the "right" answer is... but that doesn't make the question go away.

scober on.
One of the fave moments (one of many) is the offspring's question: "Are you Catholic, Joyce?"
me: "No, i was raised Mennonite- twice the guilt with none of the dancing".
offspring: "no way. You are NOT like any Mennonite I know".

Nothing warms the heart of a recovering religious person like those words.

(religious= rules. Faith= belief system, convictions, spiritual beliefs)