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Sunday, August 01, 2010

She Spits out some Thoughts That May Make Little Sense To Her Readers

Life, and one's place within it, is never static.
An order and position which once fit perfectly begins to chafe.
Simultaneously, one's perception of their place in the order of things may be simply that- a perception and not reality.

Having said that, one's self perception certainly affects the way one wanders through life....
The hope is for some accuracy in judging how one affects others in their periphery.

Furthermore, there ought to be a healthy discrimination of ascribing power to other people's words, accusations (spoken, and non-verbal), or criticisms.

A wondrous thing to aspire to.


Anonymous said...

I smell a boler session.. to get to the bottom of these thoughts!

joyce said...

fueled by a habit of over-analyzing, ignited by tenuous self confidence, and probably a strong dose of paranoia.

Ah, life in my head.

janice said...

That sounds like me - over-analyzing, tenuous (oh-so-tenuous) self confidence - but I don't really have paranoia. The world IS out to get me.

I understand this post, without explanation. Scary!

joyce said...

reassuring... (for me) scary for you?

I read an amusing cartoon-
therapist to patient: "You don't have an inferiority complex.
You ARE inferior".

Anonymous said...