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Friday, August 27, 2010

Some People Work In Offices

Too late, she realized that there ought to have been more comprehensive waivers for parents to sign. Issues of liability, property damage, and risk management.

Conversely, she wondered.
Is there any local competition for childcare that employs this sort of access to creativity and exploration?

She thought not.


Anonymous said...

Happy Friday Joyce! This made me smile! Thanks.

The Naked Chef

verification word - sowerse - this would be "sowerse" if she rolls over... haha!

janice said...

Ha Ha!!

Is that the open bottom drawer I see, that she pulled out to climb that dresser?

You have given me my morning laugh.

Judy said...

Oh, I could SOOO sleep there.

Were it larger.

Lori said...

oh - that is so cute!