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Thursday, October 21, 2010

It Has Begun

There is a new driver in the house.
Even though roughly five minutes ago, I was the sixteen year old learning the complexities of the car, the road, the signs.
People tend to cringe at the thought of teaching their own children to drive.
But we kind of had fun!
I guess that after letting my baby fly to Paris ALL ALONE, getting her behind the wheel of the family Montana is no biggie.
I guess it has been a little longer than five minutes since my own adventures in farm truck navigational lessons.
And so I find myself happily playing the part of the sentimental mommy.
(I don't ever remember my mother taking me for a driving lesson. What about you? Who risked their life and limb so you could be king of the road?)


janice said...

We JUST went through this - I was so happy she was moving away, after the day we spent an hour practicing the old nemesis - parallel parking.

I learned to drive on a tractor, and it was pretty slow. I don't recall any risk to life and limb - would have been a cousin.

Judy said...

My mom and I got our drivers license on the same day!

I was sixteen, she was forty-seven.

Laura said...

I remember Dad trying to teach me to drive. And frantically yelling things in German I couldn't understand. Also with my friend Ruth. I started and stalled, started and stalled, etc. till the old farm truck nearly refused to start anymore. I sent MY kids to AMA. I think they are better drivers than I am. At least I sure hope so.

Anonymous said...

I am touched by Judy's comment.
freedom to hit the road at 47.
we are on the same page- only we have the pleasure of listening to an over the edge driver ed teacher recorded on her ipod. thank goodness cost is subsidized. I think they counted 120 'well you know's' in the first class.
uh, no. they don't know. please teach them!

Roo said...

my dad.
that bold dear man.

Roo said...

ps...i was just remembering how my mom got her license....her mom (who didn't even have a license) came with her to the "licensing place" and signed that my mom was over 16 years old and VIOLA...she had a license.

Anonymous said...

Went with my dad once - joined driver's ed after that.....told my son that it would be better for his health and mental mind that I not go with him until he is fully licensed (since I think I have inherited some of my dad's attributes! HA) - training him will be his dad's job (much more patient!) - MK

Rosa said...

I'm pretty sure it was my crazy cousin Gerry. No wonder I drive like I do.

Anonymous said...

Ah..having gone through this with Meadow not too long ago, I would agree with you. I really enjoyed it! It brought back so many memories of my dad teaching me "stick shift" and so Meadow got the same lesson. I remember being startled to be in the passenger seat, had to give a little moment to let that sink in, just to experience the moment.
Have fun Patti

joyce said...

A asked about parallel parking on her SECOND day of learners permit. I suggested that wait a little while, since there is less room for error....
I failed parking because I was driving a huge (felt huge) farm truck. What a hick. When I went back, I borrowed my friend's dodge dart. passed that time.

I agree with bb. So super cool that you and your mom got permits together. Pretty brave of her to pick up a new skill like that, right beside her kid. (I often shudder to think of taking grade 11 courses now. Not sure if I"d pass)

Laura, I'm just going to go ahead and say (and I know that Harry will back me up). Your stunt driving does NOT come from the teaching of our father!! I bet he was speaking in tongues.

ha ha, poor H, having a lame driver ed teacher. I think ours is pretty reasonable. Seems calm, appears to actually LIKE kids. (better her car than ours...)

roo- and they called those "the good old days"?! I know when we were kids, we regularly rode around on the back of a pick up truck (shudder) and my brothers drove around on the fields ages before they were legal age to drive. I guess the fines were affordable back then.

MK- went with your dad ONCE. ha. that's awesome. I don't know if I ever did. I was lucky enough to have way older siblings, although Laura never taught me to drive!! Mostly Kathy, who was endlessly kind and patient. Adn probably a lot Carol. Back then you could get your liscence and then promptly teach some other schmuck how to drive.

R- not your older sisters?!
Patti- I know that precise moment that you describe. Going over to the passenger side, and then realizing that I have no brake on that side, no matter how hard I press on my right foot....

Mary K. said...

My memories include Dad setting up bales so that I could practice my parallel parking. I passed on my first test and remember the "tester" telling me I was a very cautious driver (probably a bit too cautious). I went driving with Amanda -- maybe that`s why she had to take her test 3X!! Sorry Amanda!

Jenn said...

I was on my own.

My dad drove with me for about 5 minutes. We were on the highway and he told me to take a right turn. I came to a complete stop on the highway before I turned. That was it for him, I was back in the passenger seat.

He did offer me one piece of advice. He said don't be afraid on icy roads, just drive the speed limit. If you drive to slow, the traffic piles up behind you.

One week later I was the proud owner of a driver's license and was cruising down the highways in a 1974 Chrysler Lebaron with tires as bald as a baby's bottom.

I had that boat doing 360's at 100km/hr down the highway many times that first winter. I can't believe I'm still alive.

joyce said...

oh my goodness, Jenn. Yur dad comes across as such a sensible fella, I can't believe he told you to drive speed limit on the icey highway!
We went driving again today, and I got thinking about winter coming up. How everything you learn when the roads are clear suddenly changes with ice and snow.
And switching lanes in the city, I'm wondering-- how much experience doesn't a child need before trying THAT? Not much room for error....

I remember doing a complete circle on hwy 12 int he farm truck that first winter. I've never done that since, and i'm still scared just thinkig about it.

Anonymous said...

i wish i had learned to drive with you by my side.
that would have been fun, as opposed to traumatizing.