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Thursday, October 14, 2010


The offspring are fortunate to have inherited their father's long legs and athletic abilities.
This afternoon, my firstborn is boarding a bus up to Swan River with her soccer team to play in the provincials. They've been ranked #1 in the province.
Though I badly want to bump along on that entire seven hour drive (sincerely), listening to teen-aged banter and taking in some different scenery... alas, I must remain here and make more money so she can keep taking more trips. But how I wish I was getting on that bus at 2:00 pm today!
It's a glorious, grateful feeling to be proud of my kids.
So, get out there kids, and (don't) break a leg...


janice said...

WHOOT WHOOT!!! Congratulations to the talented young lady and her team.
Yes, I would LOVE to bump along on that 7 hour drive. I would love to watch some fine soccer.

I had a great glorious, grateful weekend being proud of my kid. I also got a good dose of teenage banter. I asked her to invite a few of her friends for Turkey and she invited 15! Only 8 of them came, but LOTS of banter.

My father wrenched his aching bones off the couch 3 times to introduce himself to the kids, and they politely made the rounds of introductions, each time. He got to meet 24 new people!

Karla said...

Yay yay for your sweet and sporty girl!

Mary K. said...

I saw a Hanover bus pull through Portage today. i wondered if Arianna might be on there!!!! Hope they do well. See you on sat? Field trip? Come for a wienie roast after?

joyce said...

they won their first game and are now in the top four. They'll play today (Saturday), and I await the text messages..