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Friday, April 08, 2011

Happy Fifteenth Birthday, Jane

You've changed quite a bit within the years that I've known you.

My sweet cherub. I can still feel the way you felt in my arms. All curly and sweet- sensitive and pretty from the very start. I was so thrilled to have you, my girl.

We loved mucking around outside! Every afternoon after your daddy left for work we would walk to the park in the green wagon. We would look at the trees, swing on the swings, talk to the birds, and climb on the big rocks.

You've always been creative and artistic. Lucky you were born in a family that took puddle splash walks every spring, believed in licking the beaters, and thought that learning how to waterpaint by one and a half was a reasonable thing to do.

My curly, twirly girlie.

You're not three any more. You're just as precious, charming, fascinating, and special to me as you were in that little kitty cat dress.

You'll always have a safe place to call home, and I'll always do my best to understand you.
You'll keep changing, and that's the way it's meant to be.

I love you.

Happy Birthday.


Pennerfive said...

Oh, sweet Jane!

Owner of the softest cheeks on the Prairies.
You're a beauty - inside and out!

Happy Birthday!


Mary KG said...

This brought tears to my eyes -- again. happy birthday jane

Rosa said...

Joyce tell Jane that the last picture is my favorite one of her ever. Her eyes or eye rather is radiant.

Roo said...

aww. love the photos in these last 2 posts. you have a beautiful family. happy birthday to jane...and micah too!

brenda said...

There is something magical about the metamorphosis from little girl to young lady. I stand in awe lately too with my own little princess. They are beautiful creatures, aren't they?

Brandy said...

Sweet Jane!

janice said...

What a beautiful post for a beautiful daughter.

jenn said...

I love the picture of A & J sleeping together. The soother in A's mouth, is TOO funny:)

I guess the story had not been exagerated when she said she traded it in for a bike!

Anonymous said...

I love you mom . <3