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Monday, April 04, 2011


Hey, Micah. You're thirteen today. Yesterday I told you that I'd better take a long, hard look at you because you'd never be the same again; and I was right. You're thirteen now, but not that long ago you were my wee baby.
So precious and beautiful you are.
We were all so happy that you had arrived- that we could study you, hold you, get to know you.
You started to balance out the female dominance of the place.
Your sisters were so proud. (Arianna, circa 1998, age almost 4)
(sweet Jane, just days from being two whole years old...)

You fit right in because we made room for you.
Besides, you were a wonder to us all.
Yes, your sister looks like a freak. You shouldn't let it scare you so.
Because there was so much love to go around. There still is, little brother.
When your baby brother came around, you were SO PROUD!! You told everyone with an ear; "I'nna Big Brudder Now!" And it's an important role that you've always been so good at. I love to see you and your brother together.
You are part of a pretty special family.

Like your Uncle Ken used to be known to say; "There's a lot of love in this dysfunctional family".

Look at you there- your silly humour has always made me laugh. You've always had the most interesting and wonderful way of looking at life.

Nothing would be anything without you.

I love you kid.

I'm ready to start on a whole new journey with you- the last big leg of you becoming a man.

I know you'll keep being awesome because I know how beautiful your heart is.

Just a few things I'd like for you to remember:

Never move away from home. You can count on living in your mother's basement well past forty.

Never grow up. (be dysfunctionally dependent so that I'll always have you around)

Never stop believing in ice cream.

Never wear anything but royal blue t-shirts.

Always love unicorns and ponies.

Happy Birthday, boy.

You, I love.


Pennerfive said...

I loved that trip down memory lane in honor of Micah! He is something, that one.

I love the quirkiness that is Micah - the originality and creativity and the way he moves to the beat of his own drum.

I've never seen a boy his age so tender-hearted toward little children. That heart is pretty soft.

He also makes me laugh. That's no small feat.

Happy Birthday Micah!


Mary KG said...

My eyes are damp. Beautiful, Joyce. Schwester

jenn said...

Blame it on the pregnancy hormones, but that one got me all choked up.

Brandy said...

Me too, minus the pregnancy thing.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful birthday tribute! MK

janice said...

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. I bet when you have 4 children, you love each of them as much as I love my one. The heart just grows to accommodate this.

.e. said...

Beautiful. *sniff*