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Sunday, July 17, 2011


There's this thing that really functional families do during heat waves.
They pack up all their bedding, most of their dishes and a countertop oven, fold out chairs and homemade muffins, camera, tylenol, swimsuits, coolers on wheels,......
And the dog.

Then they go sleep in a hot little house on wheels while the Wonder Bread grows cultures and three plums and cherries jostle for space in the microscopic trailer fridge.

The blankets smell weird.
It's humid.
The dish cloth is sandy and your neighbours brought all their kids.

Over-achieving, fun-loving families really enjoy this sort of thing.
But we're a little messed up.

So, when we go camping, it includes going out for breakfast with friends.
And making new friends with bigger fridges full of delicious food that they love to share.


I like being dysfunctional.)

Then we like to come home to a BIG fridge (full of badly decayed unidentified objects) , air conditioning, a washer and dryer, and the Great Indoors.

To celebrate our attempt at behaving like a normal family, we like to microwave various edibles and then lay around with the kids and watch something completely unnatural on the biggest TV we can find.

Not that cleaning up the camper isn't another fun-filled family activity all on its own.

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janice said...

If only we had a camper to clean our summer would be complete.

On hot days we like to spend hours finding raft, paddles, pumps and life jackets in the garage, staging a car downstream, pumping up, concealing our beer. . . . . so that we can deflate, carry it all to another car, carry it to the back yard to dry out . . . .

We have a washer and dryer but no air conditioning or big TV.

Caphype - something to do with headcoverings - touting them, I believe.