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Monday, July 11, 2011


There are a lot of things to celebrate in summer.
A lot.

So many, in fact, that it's hard to find the time to adequately describe them.

One thing I don't have in my fabulous Manitoba life is a Big Ass Truck.
So that's why I had to travel to Alberta.
Everyone there has a Big Ass Truck.

And for company, I brought along three sisters.

They're so old that they stop at the side of the road to stare at tiger lillies. But I had my reasons for accomodating them.

One, because she shared her air miles with me.

The second because she looked lonely and pathetic.

And the third because she's a snappy dresser.

It wasn't easy.

But ministry rarely is now, is it?


They had pretty decent taste in hotels and coffee, they look lovely when they smile, and they all badly needed an outing. Most of the time they just crochet. It was a nice oppurtunity for them all to crochet somewhere else.

And we had family to visit. My eldest niece who is expecting her first bambino. They're classy people with excellent taste in cookware, so that helped to off set the issues that my sisters brought along.

Not that I have issues.

The highlight of my trip was this garbage bag of old fabric and dresses from my nephew-in-law's grandmother.

Sheer bliss.

But I'm not weird.


Just to prove it, I spent an inordinate amount of time in antique and funk stores around Whyte Ave in Edmonton. (yummy stuff). I found out that I'm actually quite wealthy. A lot of the stuff that I've got hanging around the place that I rescued from thrift shops and dumpsters is shop worthy. It's just possible that I could retire and become independently wealthy today if I just knew how to market my stuff.

But I like my stuff.

And I want more.

But I'm not weird.

Because even if I did sell my stuff and had a pocket full of change, I'd just want to buy other cool stuff. Like this street art on Whyte. And that dress.

And, I've got everything I need.

An awesome family (extended).

An awesome family (immediate).

Some great summer adventures already behind me.

And more to explore.

The very best part of my vacation was coming home.

For fun, I like to dress up in vintage nighties and clean the tops of my cupboards.

And view pictures of what occured in my absence.

But I'm not weird.

I'll leave all that for my sisters.


janice said...

I missed you - had no idea you were so close. Not ALL Alberta folk have big-assed pick-me-up trucks. Some of us are cost/environmentally conscious.

AWESOME words and pictures. That is why I missed you. LOVE that Floey joined you on the stool. Obviously she missed you too!

Verification word 'dersha' I think that is a Mennonite diva, like you and me and your sisters.

Rosa the bowlerless said...

so glad to hear from you i THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD.Lori and I have a road trip in mind want to join. It involves Manitoba, thrift shops and perhaps I can convince her to through in the Bowler. We are working at the Brandon MCC together on Thursday night.

Shammickite said...

You are definitely not weird.
But I'm not so sure about those siters of yours.

Anonymous said...

Joyce is THE weirdist of weird that anyone could imagine and I think she's a proud weird too. We were strolling in the rain, under umbrellas in Whyte Ave area and Joyce hauls an egg out of her bag, smashes it against her umbrella, hucks the shells in front of me so that SOMEONE would notice how weird she is. She had a quick egg snack instead of stopping somewhere for a civilized bite. Wow

joycie cakes said...

I just want to say that I left LOOOONG messages for each of you. They were brilliant, and probably the most clever things I"ve ever said to date.

Then my computer shut down.

and then I had to rush outside to pack for camping. so, I hope maybe I can recover my brilliance upon my return.

Anonymous said...

You are hilarious.....I love reading your blog!!

Roo said...


Pennerfive said...

I'm a mangled mess! Come and minister to me next please. You can bring your sisters along. Or I'll come to you..... NEXT FREAKING WEEK. Get your ministry attire and supplies ready and give me that old time religion.


Judy said...

Oh! I think this could be my healing!
In great need of ministering - come quickly.

Mary KG said...

Not to mention how we sisters ministered to you Joycie-pie. What a great trip and what a great post. I enjoyed being lonely and pathetic -- if that's what it takes to go on a trip with you, I'll put that face on ANYTIME. Schwester
You won't believe my verifi. word -- "thszfun". This IS really fun! love ya Great sock photo of the wierdest sister of all!

joyce said...

Dear Dersha- I know it's unfair to say something so over-generalized about your entire people group. But it was just so much fun to say "big assed truck". Actually- recently in Manitoba, I saw a big truck with a set of shiney BALLS hanging at its rear. Shocking. Nasty.

Thanks for missing me. next time I won't go to northern Alta and I'll come wine around with my lost relative Dersha. Ja? ja.

Rose- stop planning fun events that don't involve me. Stop.
Please invite me to your cross Manitoba scrounging event. I promise not to be greedy.

Sham- you win the LOL prize. And I don't say that lightly.

Kath- what-evah. The eggs come free with a hundred and some dollar hotel room. Try it sometime.

Thanks for the virtual cheers- they are appreciated!

Yellow dress, yellow dress!! So sad that I have so many dresses that I'm running out of summer. I WANT THE YELLOW DRESS!!

Judy and Karla- you're just about the right amount of messed up for me to be willing to share some hotel, wine, cheese, and shopping with you. But do you CROCHET?? Very important in this crowd. Very important.

thszfun indeed.
Hanging out with people who wear argyle socks with plastic sandals is always a boost for the self esteem.
Love You Too!

janice said...

Truck balls - yes - hideous. We have them here too. (Not to be confused with monster truck balls - where the trucks go in an arena and dance).

Verification word: flershi - refers to the bit of exposed flesh STILL exposed, even though you are wearing socks with your plastic sandals.

xoxo Dersha

The eldest niece said...

Ah, yes, the Big Ass truck. Sad thing is, we had a little truck until about a month ago, but it wasn't enough truck to pull our boat (also a staple item in northern Alberta). You can only fight it for so long...
It was great having all of you here, and an unexpected delight considering where I live. Can't wait to see what you do with the fabric. :)