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Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Collection of Random and Remarkably Profound Observations

  • Even adults who knowlingly clothe themselves in triple way stretch jersey shirts with winnie the pooh emblems (complete with adorable pictoral representations) are deserving of true love and joy in this lifetime.

  • Smokers who gather outside of hotel buildings with a drink in one hand and a large belly in the other sometimes inspire envy in me. They're so utterly free of anxiety about health and general damnation.

  • grief is a sneaky little bastard. It will smite you quite unexpectantly when you are up to your neck in a well-written novel and leave you breathless and sobbing in a small bathroom hoping no one is in immediate or dire need to evacuate.

  • Speaking of which. Everyone. Even remarkably pretty people who don't smoke or overindulge in any shameful ways whatsoever, have the need for a toilet every single day.

  • Children start out quite small, miraculous, needy, and moist. Within minutes, they acquire driver licences, intellects, and the shocking ability to survive for long periods outside of their host.

  • This phenomenon can induce small bathroom explosions of tears and emotions- not unlike well-written novels. (ok, so you have to know-- Miriam Toews; A Complicated Kindness. Not the first time I've read it. The second time. But the first time that I've read it since my brother died an untimely death. So, now when I read "Vauxhall" in her writings, and I know darned well that it's because she experienced certain experiences within the unconfining confines of my deceased brother's Vauxhall..... back in the 80's.....when they were co-teens in that East Village with roads that led to makes me weep. Jest sayin')

  • And finally.

  • Life is weird. Of this I am utterly certain.


Mary KG said...

Interesting. I just cried for Ken the other day too. can't remember what spurred it on.

janice said...

I am sorry about your brother. Mothers should never bury their children and brothers and sisters should be able to grow grayer and persnickety together.

And finally: life is uncertain and I am completely weird.

Anonymous said...

frickety frack

Verification word; riest?
Rest in Peace?
Rest for him?
Rest for us?