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Monday, February 20, 2012

Home again my newly thrifted skirt, a head full of memories, a whole day off, and some treasures worth sharing.

 When there's a whole extra day to the weekend, there's plenty of time for the laundry, vacuuming....... And even..... The annual battle of the taxes.

 But meanwhile, my eyes and mind can wander to all the richness of the weekend.



My creative and "old stuff loving" friend, and the richness of the way she lives. 


The endless surprises in her house.

And the strength, love, and beauty that her hands portray. 


 More people should live in homes where it's okay to engrave "I want to live here" on the breakfast table.

 More kids should grow up in kitchens where apes belong on cupboard pulls and bananas have individual homes.

 And you should all have friends who take you treasure hunting in their ancient graineries.


 At home again, coffee in one hand and wine in the other and taxes still before me, I see my newly gifted treasures around me.


 A yellow paisley kitchen apron.

 Granary rescued curtains for my bathroom.

And a tall stack of bags4darfur potential.

My daughter Jane came with me as well.  To reconnect with her childhood friend; my friend's daughter.  Jane came home to a renewed relationship with these:

 And her own head full of memories of snowboarding, and friendship.

Life, my friends, is largely good.


wendz said...

I'm sitting here in my old pink dressing gown sighing over your weekend. It looked like the weekend I want to have.

bonnie said...

Joyce, you are so blessed to have so many good friends around you. perhaps, one day I'll be as blessed as you:) love you.

bygeorge! said...

as the lead in states... "thank you for validating my existence..."
It is so good to spend time with like minded friends. Miss you already.
like chips and chocolate, leaves me wanting more.
(also used your wristling scraps and made another pair with 14 most beloved buttons. Makes driving fun!)
Come again soon,
Boler Babe