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Sunday, February 19, 2012

I am here.


 I am here, in one of my happiest places on earth, with some of my most favorite people.

 And my favorite golden retriever who is absolutely, without question, never, ever allowed up on the couch.

Unless his real alpha goes upstairs to bed.


I am here for some of this. 

But mostly, I am here  

for this 

and this 

And this. 


Anonymous said...

wow Joyce! You've got some GREAT photos here. Nice!

Rosa said...

I am really starting to worry How could I forget a trip soo quickly? Should I be seeing someone for this?

joyce said...

Ha ha rose, I had to borrow two pics from my last excursion, since any pics taken of L and were abhorrent! And now. You know how you were missed. I think I may have just imagined you into being there!

Roo said...