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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Make Hugs, Not War

Sounds sweet; doesn't it?

That's not the kind of day it was here at Happy Happy Farms.

It was a tug o' war kind of day without enough giggling or winning.

But when the day finally ends, I get to hand these kids off to parents who care. Who say; "Oh! Please vent. That's what I'm here for..." or "Joyce, kids get hurt sometimes, its ok. It happens at home too- you can't be everywhere....." or "Joyce, you're such a blessing... we're so glad to have you loving our kids....." (even when I've suggested that at times I wanted to throw them out into a snow drift.... they still say these things....)

So today when Princess Penelope got dropped on her head (no, it wasn't me....) and bit her tongue..... and bled and bled.... what did I hear today?

"It's not a broken bone, Joyce. Tongues heal really fast. I hope you have a relaxing evening, Joyce. It's not as bad as when she bit her tongue last time... at home....."

You've no idea how grateful I am. You've no idea what it means to bask in this kind of support, trust, love, grace. I don't know if I could do this if I didn't have all of you- my most amazing moms and dads.

I'll save my giggles and kisses, rolling, grinning, and cuddling for your babies. But when my house is quiet again, I'll be grateful to you.


Anonymous said...

I know that you are not looking for compliments Joyce, but we all need to be reminded how valuable we are. I was just talking to Linnea last night about how awesome you are. I should have be telling you instead. Thank you for loving my kids, not just taking care of them.

janice said...

Your daytime charges are lucky to have you, as are their parents. So are your offspring, but being teenagers, I bet you don't often hear it.