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Thursday, February 09, 2012

Love Letters

I have a book that I can read.

My daughter made it for me one christmas. I cried when I read it then, and I cry when I read it now. It reminds me of the beauty in my life. The beauty amidst the mess and confusion.

It reminds me of this constant love I have around me. How my family is always here with me, in one way or another. How the ones who have left us are still so special, so missed. (I can still hear him laugh whenever I see a picture)

It comforts me when I wonder if my children mostly despise me. (I know they don't, but sometimes its a shaky deal). It pleases me no end to see the creativity and thought and time that went into this book. How she made it for me, her mama.

I have these amazing kids, this perfectly malfunctioning family, and a nineteen year old marriage chock full of love, forgiveness, and hope.

There are times in life where stuff gets thrown around in places it doesn't belong. And its easy to forget all the amazing goodness right in front of me.

So when life is sad and heavy,

I have this that book I like to read.

(thank you my beautiful daughter. You make so me happy)



Anonymous said...

That must have been so special! What a keepsake. MK

Valerie Ruth said...

what amazing proof of who you really are (and the people who love you)! be gentle with yourself. i see such beauty in the bits i get to see of you.

Anonymous said...

NOW you're talkin Joyce! Made me cry. Love it. Love you forever.

Roo said...


Judy said...

Wow. Love it!

Mary KG said...

In a vulnerable state right now myself, THAT is so beautiful. Thanx for this, Joyce!

christine said...

what a gift. just beautiful.

Anonymous said...

So full of love. Kinda like her momma. The picture of Ken on the top right hand corner of the page looks so very much like Micah - don't you think? All I see is Micah when I look at it - even his expression.

xo over and over again!