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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Tag-a-Roni and Cheese

Lettuce has tagged me.

This is supposed to be six weird things about me. I think that I am so extraordinarily weird, that all my weirdnesses seem quite normal and ordinary to me. I've been waiting all day for six weird things to spring to mind, and now I'll just settle for the first six that I can think of before I turn into a pumpkin at the stroke of 9:00 pm. (is that weird?)

1. I have been known to: sing, cry, yell, scream, and walk in my sleep. I once found myself downstairs, at the back door, leaning into the darkened yard apparently looking for something. I often rummage around on top of tall furniture, looking for lost babies.

2. I have given birth four times, and successfully gotten through infancy four times. I can't remember a single developmental stage. Other people seem to remember when babies should get teeth, crawl, eat solids, and talk. I have no clue.

3. I cut my own hair. I just can't be bothered to make an appointment, make small talk, then drop a bunch of money.

4. I can not wear a watch. I once had a watch that would begin to slow down, then I would give it to my sister to wear for a few days. It would go back to normal time, then I'd get it back and I could wear it again for a while.Now I don't wear a watch at all. I just never leave the house. (or I take the microwave with me).

5. I bought my daughter a package of panties that she thought were old lady panties. So, I tried them on, and sure enough, they are perfect!This is not because I have the rear end of a ten year old, but rather that they are indeed old-lady-panties, planted by some bored deviant in the girls wear department.

6. I have a penis.
But its not mine. I have to share it with my husband.

Tag! You're it-- Judy, Carol, Brandy, Bobita/Trabinski, Roofus, & Michele.


Anonymous said...

A microwave?

In our family, weird is considered a compliment.

Joyce said...

yes, the microwave. Its how I tell time at home.

Anonymous said...

this may take me a while...

lettuce said...

hee hee, fabulous weirdness.

I'm loving the picture of you in the darkness, with your microwave, looking for babies in high places.

(With your penis?????????????)

Anonymous said...

Aw, man. I just left a witty, humorous comment. Swallowed by Blogger. I hate it when that happens!!! Grrrrr.

Anyway, I'm up to the challenge! I will let you know when my weird is up and ready for the unveiling!

andrea said...

#6! Joyce! There are impressionable minds reading this!! (mine)

I share #s 3 and 4 with you. And when I did wear a watch it was on the wrong (i.e. right) wrist. I do get my husband to help with the haircutting thing, though. I haven't darkened the door of a beauty establishment of any kind since the last millennium. (You're not allowed to say it shows! :)

Pass on #1 though. I sleep like the dead (but kick like a mule!).

Anonymous said...

I did this on January 12, and have a link to the one I did last year, too.

I'm weird enough that I could do this every day and never run out.

If it were "Normal Things about Me" I'd be hard pressed to come up with any.

Judy - Anybody Home

Anonymous said...

I like that imagine of you leaving home with your microwave. I have a sister in law that can't wear watches either.

Homo Escapeons said...

Put on your best Schwartzenegger accent und say, "Vee har Twihnz!"

1) I talk in my schlaf
2) I have 4 babies whom I LOVE to death but I can barely remember their Birthdays never mind stages..pffft!
3) I cut my hair..puh-leeze
4) I don't wear a watch
5) I wear old man gitch
6) Ditto..and she's a beauty!

*btw You might consider a bit more 'sharing' so that your husband will stop writing 'Yank It' poems...
just a thought.

Anonymous said...

loh fun.
i'm in. i'll post it as soon as i can. shalom.

Anonymous said...

loh fun?
what's loh fun?