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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

She Says.... Nothing

How come when I have something to say, there is zero possibility of me sitting down and pounding it out? And when I have nothing to say, I'm sitting at my laptop telling myself; "Here's your chance! Say it! Say it!

And then its gone.

Ever feel like you got your 15 minutes at the mike and the curtain people are waving at you from the sidelines that its time to exit stage left? But it looks kind of dusty and boring over at stage left, so you linger....


gophercheeks said...

Man... I thought that just happened to me!!

perrygirl1 said...

Even your lingering is entertaining to tune in to.

Yep, I'm still here. Lurking, lingering, caring.

Roo said...

i get that all the time. what irritates me is when i have something to say -- and no one is listenning....or their listening and then....i forget what i was wanting to tell them.


Anonymous said...

on the verge of profound...
is that how to spell it.?
profound what?
I don't know.?
will that bacon be cooked yet?
what bacon?
ditto to perrygirl
you are charming when lingering!

oh my... is my word verification profound?
it is blessews
uh, bless sews.. uh, that is you.
lingering all over the place,