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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Something For Everyone....

Bah. What's a little water between countries?
Now, it's a bit weird that people around here make a point of driving across the border into North Dakota to sleep in a hotel room, swim around in a pool, stew in a hot tub, and shop in stores we can't find in Winnipeg. Grand Forks is tiny, and not particularily urban; but it's not here, and there's something really fun about that for all of us.

Time with auntie Kathy, who always exhuberently provides hair and nail treatments to anyone patient enough to be interested.
Ice cream from Cold Stone.
Lego from Target.
Real life retail oppurtunities for the girls; usually reserved for on-line longings.
For Brian? The Food Channel.
And me?
*deep sigh*
Gut wrenching. Real life. Suck you in and refuse to let you go..... Even as you find yourself wandering through a mall for the sake of your offspring.... Your brain remains where you'd left it: In a book.
I became.... And AM utterly transfixed. Moved. Astounded.
Wanting More.

But there's nothing quite as sweet about getting away as getting home again.
Through the Red River sloshing over Interstate #29, back into a snowstorm pounding Manitoba at the start of spring break.
Well. It is nearer Chapters; where I can get more of Marya Hornbacher. A little tonne of snow can't stop some amazing reading.


Anonymous said...

Joyce you are so cool, my sentiments about wandering around the stores! And we were not dragging our offspring ( or vice versa) when we went to Minot a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for the pictures , you always have an interesting slant on life. Enjoy the rest of your spring break & spring is coming ( ha ha so is Christmas!)

Judy said...

Oooo! Cold Stone!

Anonymous said...

yummy yellow bag...

svea said...

so fun, wow looks like you had to swim home practically, but cold stone target and the rest are well worth the dipeh? i am curious about your book now, always looking for good reading. hugs to ya

Anonymous said...

Hey Joyce - travelled thru the nasty weather yesterday to the Brandon Fair and took along my bag, Eve's Buckles with me - perfect to sling over my shoulder and stuff in the water bottle, and the multitude of brochures and recipes that I always bring home and never actually cook from, not to mention everyone elses junk too. Anyway, walking thru one of the trade shows when I received a comment on my bag - something like - "Thats a really nice bag, did you buy it of did you make it" Well, I responded that it was homemade with love and care, but not by me, and gave her your website, gave her the Coles notes on the cause - hopefully you'll be hearing from her

Happy Spring!! verification word "prodp" - quite fitting I would say!

The Naked Chef

Roo said...

wow. looka dat water!! you guys are hard core!!!! you're little escape sounds just perfect. my kinda getaway. did you use the beloved priceline???

Linda said...

Hiding out at home with a good book seems the only thing to do these days, with all the snow.

tanya said...

You got to go to Grand Forks?!? I'm SOOOO jealous!

lettuce said...

glad you had a break!
ah yes, the sweetness of getting back home...

Heather said...

Looks like we had the same spring break, right down to the visit to Cold Stone Creamery!