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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Canadian Shield Safari

First sighting: a wee bunny hopping towards grandma's lush garden.... Little does he know of Aganetha the Horrible.

Families of goslings marching in the ditches along the long highway that leads us to the lake. Huge ravens waiting for the oppurtunity to bully lunch out of some smaller being. Gorgeous deer and spotted fawns.

At the cabin; a very, very tall tree blown over in a wind storm provides an instant project for a handy guy with a chainsaw. What weakened that tree? A very industrious woodpecker, who had carved out an impressive suite inside the trunk and tucked her two wee offspring inside.
Unfortunately; they did not survive the fall, but did wet my own appetite for learning more of this hardworking bird.

And on the drive home? A black bear. Slowly padding his way across the road, disappearing his furry self into the tall grasses of the opposite ditch.
A long winter? Indeed.
But what a beautiful foray into this summer's new season of life.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like alot of wind damage.....looks like a lovely lake though! MK