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Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Fridges are a marvellous invention; no?
You go to the far faraway grocery store and spend five hundred or so of your easily-come-by spare change. You come home set for a healthy week of fresh fruits, veggies, and dairy-type products.

You eat quite a bit of it, but it's always surprising how the back of the fridge always recedes into the wall behind it, and the strawberries, mushrooms, sour cream, and apples start making babies with each other. Bad babies.

When the kids yell "snack time!" some ten days after shopping day, the pickin's are a little slim and you get down on your haunches to peer behind the fur coats into the narnia beyond. That's when you recognize that the fur is actually growing on what was your groceries just a coupla days ago.

You're glad you are doing your part to stimulate the economy. Just a few weeks ago, you bought a composter so that after the groceries brief vacation in the refridgerater, they can go make their contribution to the world in another way- return to the soil from whence they came. Now you've invested in two big gadgets to not make use of your produce. The fridge, which is so much fun to fill up when you've spent fifty hours collecting the stuff, lengthened your arms by fifteen inches hauling the stuff, and made a special trip to the city far faraway to acquire the stuff. After this easy stuff, you get to empty the Rot-erater and carry it to the composter.

Or if you're lazy; you could just leave your fridge door open and make it an all-in-one. You'd save yourself a couple of bothersome steps.

(You might have to move though. Or be prepared to plant tomatoes in your kitchen after all that stuff composts. Or be willing to share your abode with rodents, bugs, and all manner of neighbourhood dogs and cockroach.)

I don't personally recommend it; but it's your Rot-erater.

If you're fortunate enough to own one.

**NO! silly. It's not my fridge up there in the photos. Not the clean one, and not the disgusting one. not even the strawberries between the two of them. My camera is on leave with eldest daughter who seems to have sprouted some photography talent and seems in high demand with the locals. Strawberries are yummy! So is vanilla yogurt. I don't usually let those things rot too readily. It's the half lemon in a tupperware in the recesses of the fridge. The lone carrot from the summer of '07. That portabella mushroom the husband was going to barbeque. two weeks ago....


Anonymous said...

You know, there's another option called "kitchen worms" They munch away at my compost right in my kitchen........ It's a beautiful thing.

Carl Heinz

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness that is not your fridge! You had me scared there for abit.

Anonymous said...

Nope, that's obviously not your fridge - your door hinges are on the opposite side. And I've looked inside your fridge & it definitely doesn't resemble this one.
PS Have fun at the Folk Festival. Don't forget your pasties. You know, just in case...