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Monday, July 06, 2009

Wanna Be

A few nights ago some women (circa high school grad; 1985) met for dinner and conversation. I was amazed and inspired to hear that three out of the six women present had a disturbing habit of rising with (or before) the sun and hitting the elements for some hard core cardio.

I was duly impressed. All that discipline. Muscle. Anti-flub proactivity. All that energy- producing, happiness promoting endorphin production.

My husband is of equal baffling persuasion; having been known to swim one hundred laps at the pool before breakfast for years on end.

This morning at 6:00 am, he convinced me to accompany him and the dog on an early morning walk. I didn't want to. I didn't even want to be vertical, never mind mobile. But I did it; thinking that I wouldn't mind experiencing that energy rush and that positive chemical reaction. Seemed like an excellent way to approach a new week. I had often engaged in daydreams and fantasies about being one of those people and I suspected that actually starting was an important element of the process.

I felt ill.
My feet hurt where the callouses on my heels were beginning to crack. My eyes hurt. My arms felt weak. My toes felt pinched. The sense of fatigue was as yucky as when my babies insisted on nursing at the most inconvenient of times.

Almost four hours later- absolutely no change. I feel like I walked across town on my eyeballs.

Dinner and conversation I can do; but beyond that I may just settle for the cheering section when it comes to my early morning heroes. I'm pretty sure that produces a lot more feel good endorphins...


Anonymous said...

Remember, 3 out of the 6 DON'T get up at hours meant for sleeping. A wise person once told me to be who I was. I am in the camp of those who value sleep over cardio, and I shouldn't berate myself for it. Of course I still do, but am learning that it's ok to wish for things that aren't inherently "me", without trying to change myself into something I am not. This doesn't mean I am lazy because I don't gracefully run before the sun is up. I choose not to. I support you in your choice whatever that may be, but I suspect that if you feel like you have been walking on eyeballs, and you compare the experience to the fatigue of nursing babies (which incidently isn't forever), you might be in my camp, and if so...I welcome you!

Anonymous said...

Walking is good, I do it twice a day but I do NOT wake up early to do it. It happens when it happens. Do what works for you not what works for others. Take care, be happy, be strong, be blessed!

joyce said...

ah yes. three out of six professionals agree: cardio in the morning is counterproductive. A good walk after supper while the children clear the table- now that's good for everyone!

I'll keep working on the happy, strong, and blessed part.

coffeeloves said...

exercising in the morning is over-rated.

Karla said...

I'd choose sleep over exercise in the morning any day - hands-down. Sleep is best for this body.

mmichele said...

anybody who spends the day with young children should be exempt from any form of anything they don`t really really love and want to do.