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Thursday, July 23, 2009

This is For You Hecklers...

So, I've had a couple of days off.
Time to get to most every thrift shop this side of Guontanamo Bay-- 'cuz what this place needs is more stuff! Especially weird, eclectic stuff that just screams: Pocket! at me. (because the myriad of shelves in the sewing room, the stacks in the basement, and the boxes in the garage will never suffice for adequate sewing paraphanalia. Nope. That stuff is soooo last month. Besides, there's always that irrational fear of running out to cope with.)

Thrift shops have a certain magnetic pull to them that I find hopelessly irresistable. (could be the pleasantly musty odour of second hand handkerchiefs, but that's just a guess) This week I found myself drawn to a second hand store in a particularly righteous and morally upright type of community. I couldn't wait to see what I might find in the hankies and aprons. Such wonderful handwork hidden in those tidy little stacks.

I was not to be disappointed. A short search yielded a sort of fisherman's souvenier; complete with little prayers and silly sayings perfect for an exaggerating sportsman. At the whopping price of ten cents, I scooped that non-snotted garment up and imagined it reinvented as a pocket on a bag, or as handy insulation for the house should we get buried alive under the hankies and linens that have collected here over the past million years or so.

Eager to peruse the aprons and skim shelves for chenille bedspreads, I didn't look at the hankie in it's entirity.

Neither did the Ladies Aid group who was in for sorting that Monday, I should think.

And if they had, they'd have been drinking something a lot friskier than instant Postma for their faspa. They'd need something a whole lot stronger than that to dip their day-old's into, I should think.

I'm thinking that the moral standards of some towns are a'slippin'.
(much to our viewing pleasure....)

Well, time to get my bass out of the bucket and get geared up for another camping getaway. However. I do think I've had enough of fishiing for now.


Anonymous said...

What fun and what a great find! Finally you know who, can stop complaining and have something really great to laugh about. Kathy

bria erskine said...

Hahaha! That is just perfect!

Judy said...

Too too funny!

Crystal said...


gophercheeks said...

Hahahaha... I can just see the little old Bettys sort through this piece of work. I hope they snickered as much as we all did!!

Hope your weekend is dandy!!

Karla said...

I'm laughing all the way in Midland, Ontario. I miss you!!!!

Rosa said...

I love it that should be in a frame right by your toilet. Everyone would have the time to read it. Sorry I missed you at camp yesterday. Looks by Janes pics you had a great time camping.