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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Happy Birthday, Canada

Kids these days.
Our third annual trek to the Winnipeg Zoo for Canada Day. Eldest opted for staying home and sleeping in instead of heading out at 8:15 with us crowd-beating keeners. Some certain other children refused to have their photo taken, or mumbled obscenities like: "I'm bored. How many Aminals do we have to see before we get to go home...?"

The sights were luscious as usual. Too bad for the poor wee mouse that we happened upon along the path. Must have seen a really big prairie dog and dropped dead of fright? Or did he feel so inferior to the bright plumage around him that he gave in to his dark side and called it a life?

Or. Maybe he told his mother that he was bored.
At the zoo.

Nothing a bit of sugar and fat can't straighten out in a nano second.
9:15 in the zoo munchie station.

Traditions are good. Kids are too, I hear.
Judging from the amount of pregnant bellies and miniscule humans around the place, I'm going to go ahead and speculate that word has not gotten out that babies turn into children who whine.
Might need to blow up that photo of the mousie...


tanya said...

Hey, we were at the zoo this morning too. But there's no way I would have seen you even if I'd have walked right past was a ZOO in there! There was less whining for us this time than last time we went...maybe when it's free admission the kids take the threat "if you don't stop whining, we're going home" more seriously because you haven't invested $$$ in the outing and are moer likely to actually follow through this time ....or maybe it was just too noisy that it was easier for me too tune out the whine...or maybe it had something to do with the package of Little Debbie Snack Cakes that my hubby sneaked into the backpack. You may not be able to feed the animals in the cages, but shove one of those things into a little mouth and you'll drown out any whines instantly, even if just for a couple of minutes.

Roo said...

we were gonna go to the zoo but changed our plans last minute....

Jennie C. said...

Dead mouse picture so wacky. Something my family would do.

One year, my little brother decided he wanted to make a road kill calendar. He was about 14. He made our parents stop at all road kill so he could take pictures. For some reason, he decided that dead domestic animals weren't cool - but wild beasts were a-ok. So considerate.

joyce said...

That was the busiest that I have seen the zoo on Canada Day. Probably because the weather was so ideal.

roo- hope your alternative was wild and wonderful..

LOVE the roadkill calendar idea. Should tell the 11 year old that idea..

Anonymous said...

Joyce you crack me up! We just returned from 3 days of camping with a 2 and a 4 year old! Talk about looking at purchasing 2 sturdy ropes to hang ourselves from a tree!!! :)
Anyway Happy Canada Day!

Roo said...

it WAS wild...and wonderful.
we went to the steinbach heritage museam which probably doesn't sound so WILD...but add a couple bouncy castles to the mix and you got 2 happy little girls. eliora is too small to go in them but if we let her stand on the outside and TOUCH's just as good as the real thing!

i love that place. they had so much all the stories...

and then in the pm, we went swimming. it was perfect. except you weren't there. xo

michelle said...

This reminds me of trip my parents took us on... at the young age of 12!!!... to Tinkertown!! We were DEVASTATED!!! And then we started going on rides... and had a BLAST... but didn't tell a soul! :)