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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Back in the day when my teens were wee little; I used to lose myself in fashioning clothes for them. I stitched and snipped to the extent that a fleet of little girls could remain well dressed, even at the speed of an outfit an hour.
So, I sold the excess.
Recently, I've had a severe case of the "spring cleaning fever".
This little outfit has been hanging around the house for years now, and it was time.
Ruth's fundraising garage sale was the self imposed deadline that I needed to those years- delayed buttonholes sewn in.
And just look at the wee angel.
(and I'm just as sure she'll grow to become the sweet angel that her mother is...)
(sorry Ruth. That doesn't come in your size...)


Roo said...

i'm so sad about that. (that it doesnt come in my size.) i'd love a matching one. ;)

seriously have a beautiful gift. xo

Anonymous said...

MUCH too cute. the little one and the outfit, that is!

Melanie said...

Gorgeous child. Wow!