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Friday, June 04, 2010

Why It Is In Your Best Interest To Take Preschoolers Shopping

You don't have to be an overachieving mall hound to achieve this goal- a simple small town grocery store is more than adequate. But whatever you decide, allow me to assure you that this exercise is vital for the health and longevity of your laugh box.

Bouncing along the periphery of the shop, we slowed in front of the dairy, scanning for the best value in the cheese selections.

Behind and below me, I heard a loud, excited exclamation:

"A great big jar of Person Allergy?!"
"Person Allergy?" I question, following the line of direction that her finger points in.
Cheese Whiz!!
A great big jar of Cheese Whiz!
(personality, indeed....)


Rosa said...

This is great. Isn't it funny Joyce how this reminds me of our friend Lori. I guess it's the love of a great quote.

Anonymous said...

I had to read that one over a couple of times!! Isn't it funny how kids hear things.

When my daughter was younger she used to visit her favourite home day care lady (Helen also known by the younger folk as "Hallnon")almost daily. She even wanted to go when I had a day off, she loved it there, but I digress. Anyway, Helen was somewhat housebound and there was a couple in town who took really good care of her. They were Mr and Mrs Epp. One day, out for a walk, my daughter exclaimed "there is Mr. Zepp!!" Mr Zepp? I asked. Yes mom, you know, the man that brings groceries to "Hallnon". You see, it was usually Mrs Epp who came to visit and if you say her name quickly and don't know about spelling yet, her name is Mrs Zepp, so it would make sense that her better half would be Mr Zepp!!

Kids, big and small, make us laugh just when we need it most...

The Naked Chef.

joyce said...

When one of the kids was little, they said; "Can I have a chee?"

cheese= a grouping of cheese.
chee = a singular piece of cheese.

gophercheeks said...

Hahahaha, how cute is that!!

I have thought of writing a blog with the funny things my kids do and say in just one day.

gophercheeks said...

...seconds after writing that last post my three year old daughter called from the top of the stairs, "Can I make God a bracelet with your beads?". Sure you can honey.

gophercheeks said...

... minutes after the last post Tao is singing,
Do you know the muffin man?
the muffin man,
the muffin man?
Do you know the muffin man who lives on turdy lake?

I really must blog all of these for one whole day.... I think it is something I should do for material to use at her wedding.

Anonymous said...

I have never felt it was in my best interest to take preschoolers shopping...
still remembering the time I took my 3... age ? 7,6, and 2 'ish.
and in that chronic sleep deprived state - I decided to check my blood pressure.
strapped in - and off they ran.
too bad I didn't get the print out!
Ginny (on a saturday night!)

janice said...

When my daughter was about 10, our old dog was lying on the couch and she started calling him a bastard. I was appalled, and said 'Jake is not doing anything - just lying there, and besides, you should not be swearing' to which she replied 'But mom, you said it is not a swear when you are referring to a dog.'

Flash back to weeks earlier, when we had adopted a little female dog from the pound - I had explained to her that it was a bitch and it is not a swear when you are referring to a dog.

Anonymous said...

A little girl I know sang the hymn, "The consecrated cross I bear" as "the constipated cross-eyed bear..."

Jenna said...

the chee/cheese thing reminds me of of when i first met my hubby who's first 4 languages are not english. he would say dont come in i'm 'nake'

naked (HAD no clothes)
nake (still without clothes!)