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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I Want To Make

Jewellery from discarded watch pieces.
And buttons.

Skirts that employ the graphics of an old table's dress.

Drapes out of a hundred old curtains.

Burlap pillows. With old embroidery.

Framed, dressed corkboards.

Floral arrangements in old collanders.

Wall garland in triangular fabric love.


I want to use the word "patina".

I wish I'd rescued an ancient dress maker's form that I once sighted in a dumpster.

And an old cupboard I found discarded in an empty lot.

I wish I owned a primordial chandelier.

A turquoise alarm clock that doesn't work.

A front door that opens into a hospitable veranda.

Feather tree.

I wish I wanted nothing.
I wish I wouldn't wish.

Then, scratching the itch of wanting, I happened upon the thoughts of Alice W:

There is something profoundly beautiful in simplicity. But all too often, I forget this.

I start to feel that the "more" I have in every aspect and area of my life...the better it will be.

The better I will be.

More things, more money, more time, more blog comments and followers, more sales, more career opportunities, more creativity, more skills as an artist, photographer, designer, etc. And what would all of these things equal?

SUCCESS of course!

I would be on top of the world.

I would be content and satisfied.

I would want for nothing.

Everything would be...perfect.

Or...would it?

Would it only leave me wanting...more?

But I'll never know, will I. Not until I sit in that
floral skirt
with watch face jewellery
before a keyboard
full of time
and possibility.


Anonymous said...

needed that today.

janice said...

WOW - a genius with words AND fabrics.

(I have a flower arrangement in mom's old dough pan - she was unimpressed. . . )

it's a gong show... said...

apparently great minds think alike. i wrote about the same kinda stuff :)

Anonymous said...

Just give me the corkboard when it's made and I'll be happy, ok?