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Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer Kick-Off-- Fair Days!!

Master of the ladybug ride, fun house, and Dragon Wagon.
Unbelievably, we discovered this year that his ladybug days are behind him. Turns out all that nutella and PB on brown turned into added inches. And inches.
Sure made him tall enough to get entered into the awesome-est watermelon eating contest this side of Texas!

Yup, bashing out the center with his big square head landed him second place!
One whole XL pixie stick.
Which helped to balance out the nutritional deficits in the mini donut indulgences.

Every year at fair time, I get all giddy with happiness about my amazing little town.
Thank you to all the Hoos in Hoo-Ville where everyone's a Hoo's Hoo.


janice said...

PB and J or Nutella on brown are staples at our house. One thing my daughter can 'cook' that doesn't have instructions on the box.

Anonymous said...

guess you're not going to Caribou Thurs. are you??

joyce said...

every morning. Every breakfast for all of grade one. His older brother used to enjoy putting together the "Totally Chocolate Breakfast"-- Nutella on brown and choc milk.

ah, does a mother proud.
(or not. but they can do it by their own big self, which is awesome)

sista- gotta work thursday and friday, and take Jane for x-rays on friday afternoon. I'll meet you at the folks for supper though, if you want.

Anonymous said...

GREAT photos, my favourite is the one with Sam and Brian on the ride. Kathy

Valerie Ruth said...

it was a great fair! good to see you

Jenn said...

It was an awesome fair. I actually felt a bit sad when I saw them packing up the rides on Sunday.

Schwester Laura said...

Is that cousin Linda in one of the pictures? Hi, Cuz.