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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Confessions of a Day Time Mommy

I'm very patient.

But sometimes when five preschool girls all decide to play "babies" and they all want to be the baby....

I want to rip my hair out from the roots.

All that crawling and ba-bahing and wa-wah-whining makes me want to morph into Miss Hanigan the likes of which even little orphan Annie hasn't seen.

So I turn on CBC radio and hope that I can hear just a little bit of an interesting interview.

Or even just the distant sounds of an adult voice.

Or the chiming of any faraway clock signalling the hope of the passage of time.

While I chew my cuticles to smithereens and try not to burst into a tantrum that would leave any wanna be baby in awe.


Pennerfive said...

I like the cbc radio part.

"We love you Miss Hannigan."

Mary KG said...

Confession of a grade 1 teacher...
When a kid sings "O canada" really loud and off-tune and twangy-like for the 50th morning in a row. I finally remembered to tell her quietly one-on-one to sing softly and to BLEND with the other kids -- a good singer can't be heard above the rest. we'll see how she sings tomorrow. She was getting louder and louder every day (and more confident, I might add.) The stares of disgust from her fellow students did not dissuade her in any way. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

janice said...

Confessions of a mother - I do not know how this high functioning (18 year old, finished 1st year university, came home and found a job 2nd day out) kid survived (and apparently thrived) childhood at my house, since I really can't stand loud people. God knows children are LOUD and she was gifted with a 'stage voice'.

I used to nearly lose it during those 5 minutes I spent at day-care picking her up, and I thanked God daily for gifted people like you who could spend day after day in those noisy rooms. Good to hear you are human, after all.