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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

She Used To Have Things To Say


bygeorge! said...

and she will again...
enjoy the speechless stupor...
mystify your children!!
(verification... gocro ...go cro... )

joyce said...

well, yes. I managed to take an extraordinarily LONG route to Beausejour for soccer last night-- at least an hour of driving one way. I don't think we shared more than four words between the three of us. I'm on empty. (unless you count anxious thoughts)

love your blog, kiddo. I try to comment and it won't let me. It makes me do detour after detour until I find myself back in a virtual Beausejour...

Must complete blog post that is on my mind- I so want to show you my TURQUOISE EATONS ROAD KING bicycle that I had the thrift shop reclaim out of the garbage and fix up for me!!

Judy said...

I'm right there with you.
Seems like all I say lately is, "stop that, don't hit, what's with all the spitting?, do you have to pee?, where are your underpants?, please be kind..,"
I don't know. Maybe a few of those would make good blog posts.

joyce said...

Funny Judy, because when I look at all the still life photos on your blog, it all looks so.... civil! Like you don't have to ask why the spitting, where's your undies, wipe your nose-- no, no... NOT ON THAT!

But why would your daily life be so different than mine?

Still, from strictly photo perspective, it seems that your brain has not numbed in the least.

Not in the least.