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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Some Things That Make Me Happy(er)

Perennials. Daisies that just come up year after year and never let me down with their wide-eyed beauty. Garlic chives. who knew that they were so LOVELY?!

Irises and peonies always bring me warm memories of life in Brandon.

The full, mature peonies came with the house, and thus began a lifelong love affair with their anty, heady scents and gorgeous full blooms. The irises were transplanted from my first true Brandon friend. Every spring when they come up, I think of her.

Pansies, dill, and these purple thingies.

They make me so happy.

These tiny bean sproutlings will grow and climb and bloom in the prettiest shades of red.

And the hens and chicks? Just picked them up at a yard sale. they're "little old lady hens and chicks". My favourite kind.

Cilantro and rhubarb just grace my yard over and over and over again.

I never tire of the miracle of that.

Guinea pigs playing in the foliage of hosta and daisy.

Such good little piggies, they don't wander away.

Bleeding hearts. (my heart bleeds too. But is it lovely? Doesn't feel so.)

and our dining room window draped in grape vines. There's no amount of home decor that can rival this annual beauty.

my deck is old and rotting. But we have so much fun and activity on it. These two little old chairs are a happy spot for me. They've gotten a lot of mileage through the years.

This bike is the happiest spot of my spring and summer thus far.

She's beautiful in every way.

When I ride her around town; I know I'm royalty.

So do the townspeople.

This teacup and saucer.

Discovered at a downtown antiques market while shopping with my long lost friend Donna.

The colour!!

The sheer perfection!

(I don't expect you to understand, but just try to feel the joy vibes through your web connection)

This tomato shaped cup.

I found it at one of those garage sales where some frazzled daughter-in-law is trying to move her mother-in-law's "junk" in a hurry.

Lucky for me.

I got a 1962 Holt Howard for a whopping ten cents.

There are a few things that are making me really sad too.

But I don't have pretty pictures for those things.

Life is beautiful.

And broken.

Be nice to each other.

Ask questions.

Speak your mind.

And always make LOVE your greatest aim.


bygeorge! said...

love your GP's.
I would like to make wagons and wooden cars for them to travel around your yard in!!
and maybe even a faery house for retreat...
and feeling the love...

Roo said...


Mary KG said...

So beautiful oh my schwester. Flowers and green and growth and beauty and "bleeding hearts".
Love you oh my Schwester

Valerie Ruth said...

the vines growing on your house are one of my favorites.