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Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Eve of a New Year

I am
petty, forgetful, insecure, resourceful
kind, resentful, worried, and afraid.
Introspective, anxious, easy-going,
Generous, shrewd, selfish, stubborn.
funny, sullen, irritable, friendly.
gifted, stupid, brave, and terrified.
fat and thin and fine and exhausted.
rested, read, curious, and compelled.
Intelligent, inspired, complacent, passionate.
Assertive, apologetic, timid, bull-headed.

And this year,
I am thinking of doing something pretty drastic.
I'm thinking of accepting
the way
I am.


bygeorge! said...

sounds a bit hard... but it is good to have goals!!

Lisa said...

I already like you the way you are;)
Word verification - bolitics. Is that wahat you call politics in bollywood?

Mary KG said...

I'll join you. I think some days I'm really good at it and other daya! Well, you know. Not. So. Good.

Pennerfive said...

My, you're a lot of things.
Substantial weighty things.

I love the paradox that is found in you.

janice said...

Perfect mantra. I shall adopt it for myself.