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Friday, December 02, 2011


Lately, the nicest, kindest, gentlest thing I can think of to do is just find a warm spot to bury my head into a quilt and kind of hope it just all goes away. While around me, the season is steadily shifting.
With the annual Lego advent calendar waiting patiently for December the first, Sam shoots out of bed, yawning and squinting, ready for the traditions to begin.
Always fond of Christmas, I feel green shoots of joy growing inside me as I rediscover the bulbs in teeny boxes, and the collection of family photos that I put out each December. (the wee baby is ME and I feel kind of teary, seeing as how she looks like my own daughter at her baby stage) Little vintage surprises begin to look comfortable on unexpected corners of my world. Vintage deer make me peek out from under my virtual quilt, and


In spite of myself.


wendz said...

What is it about those vintage deer that make us smile?

So ridiculously loveable.

I wish I loved Christmas but it conflicts within me - the whole christian vs pagan thing - I know, it's such a twisted debate. I just don't know how to reconcile it all in my head.

janice said...

Hi Floey; Keep your head firmly buried - that is my advice.

I don't have to decorate my house because I am going away for Christmas. I am lazy like that. However, I LOVE Christmas and other people's decorated houses and yours.

joyce said...

wendz- wish I could have a proper sit down to ask questions about this conflict. I'm living back in the Manitoba bible belt, and there seems to be a broadly accepted blend of the fabled santa and the living Jesus. right a long with an obscene amount of consumerism. And a lot of real generosity. Sometime when I'm across the pond I'll ask you more questions. I'm curious.

Janice, I too would love to go away some Christmas.