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Friday, December 16, 2011


Is my husband's birthday.
The first time I met him, he was seventeen.
He made me laugh while we worked the dish pit together
(posing as camp counsellors by day and night...)
Years later I would learn that I created a huge distraction to his role of canoe instructor
Looking the way I did in a bathing suit at sixteen....

We were twenty-two and twenty-three when we reunited.
I still looked pretty good in a bathing suit and he still had an appealing way about him.

He wanted to be a missionary and I was pretty much just messed up.
I didn't think it was gonna work out.
But I couldn't imagine my life
without him in it.

Brian is forty-five today. And I am forty-four.
He's not a missionary, and I'm a little less messed up.

This weekend we'll celebrate his life.
We'll ring it in with all manner of toasting and cheers beside all sort of people
we call friends.
And I'll be glad again
to have the sound of
in my life.

Happy birthday!


Lisa said...

What an amazing tribute Joyce. Blessings to you and Brian. Enjoy the celebration of life.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. The post and both of you.

Pennerfive said...

I am so thankful that Brian's sound is in your life.

I kinda like Brian too - the way he mixes slanty lime margaritas and creates beauty and flavour with an art piece. I like the way he misses you when you're gone - even for just an hour. I like his whims and fancies - they make me laugh, but mostly they make me appreciate his ability to dream and imagine.

I like the way you two love each other and have found your ebb and flow and made it work, even when it's hard or not what you expected.

Happy Birthday, Brian.


Judy said...

Awww. Happy Birthday to your man!

Mary KG said...

Happy birthday Brian. That's so nice Joyce! You 2 are good for each other. mmmhmmm, yep, you are.
My ver. word is nonsin -- I do NOT speak nonsense! And I am also NOT without sin.

brenda said...

Thanks for letting us be a part of the festivities...there is a certain magic when a collective group of well-wishers and birthday persons alike gather to reflect on all things wonderful!! Brian & Joyce, you inspire us to relish life and celebrate friendship; occasionally imbibing a little too heavily all in the name of turning another page on the birth calendar. I raise a glass to the next such here!!

janice said...

Happy birthday Brian; So glad you recognized Joyce as the hot catch she turned out to be. Merry Christmas to your family.

wendz said...

I think it's fantastic that you've known each other so long and are still married. I've never made it past the 7th year. Maybe this time will be different. I hope so. Anyway your man sounds like one of the truly good ones. I hope your weekend was a wonderful time of celebration.