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Tuesday, December 06, 2011


December first is traditionally Hildebrand Christmas tree acquisition day. Now,since my family also has a tradition of hating the trees that I bring home, I was thoughtful enough this year to bring along a delegate from the offspring to represent his siblings.

He mostly embarrassed me by saying; "I like pie" when the lovely tree sellers asked him polite questions like; "How are you?". That's when I remembered why I don't let my children out of the house. But by then it was too late.

Next year I'm bringing the daytime kids. They never embarrass me.

Still, he looked remarkably handsome and DID love their hot apple cider. I think there's a community somewhere in the hills of Kentucky that consider that to be an exceptionally well developed personality trait. Feeling particularly generous this year, and always being a huge fan of the "Put Thineself Back Into The Equasion" cult, I purchased two trees- a proper bushy tree-like one for the kids, and a stick with needles for ME.

With Kenny and Dolly crooning on the turntable behind us, chinese take-out on the table, and boxes of vintage bulbs to unpack, another December is upon us.

And this year the stick tree is mine.

All mine.

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janice said...

I am very happy to see Floey and Sam and Christmas have taken over your blog. I LOVE children and cats and Christmas.

I always buy a stick tree - started when I was poor and that was the cheapest, but now I LOVE them. One year we had a tree with no decorations - the kid refused to help me decorate it so it remained in its natural glory, still smelled great and showed off its 3 branches wonderfully.