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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Things To Post on "Buy and Sell"

Bathroom carpet.
Just re-decorating after we potty trained the twins.

Melon baller.

Purchased at Dollarama only a few months ago.

Almost new but out of package.

Makes a great gift!

Used sports equipment.

Decided to switch back to badminton.

Beautiful sock.

Could be worn on left or right foot.

Please send me a private message, if interested.

Heel of rye bread. Left on counter overnight after long party the evening before.

Still has plenty of flavour.

Will throw in last teaspoon of granny's apricot jam for 25 cents.

In Churchill, but willing to deliver to Niverville.


jenn said...

lol!! I will not be surprised when I see people selling their children's kidneys on the buy and sell!!

janice said...

Makes me happy I am broke.

Anonymous said...

U are a nutbar...I like u :)

Anonymous said...

Well I'm wondering about Virden, do you deliver there?

joyce said...

come on-- we all know you want that bathroom carpet. Did I mention I have cats?