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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Look For The Good.... Look For the Good... Look for...

The Boy In The Blue Pyjamas. A book that I found in my daughter's room, and read as an escape from the horrers of nit-picking. A children's book, and a great one. I recommend it.

Husbands. Even though they are often stupid, and would make great German soldiers in the '40's. They mean well, and they are helpful and well meaning and that counts for something. Humility goes a really long way too. And the ability to say "you're right" once in a while.

Dogs. I love to hate them, but my doggy makes me laugh, and that's good.
And thank God for small miracles. Shadow has decided that she LOVES snow. She now incessantly scratches at the door to get let out, and doesn't poo poo on the floor any more.

Temperatures below freezing. It kills the little bastards. (lice, not dog poo)

Daughters who nit-pick.
About the important stuff. Like nits.

My glasses from Zenni Optical (

gin. Okay, so I'm grasping at straws. No, really. I am grasping at straws because I asked Brian for a straw so I could sip while the daughter picks the nits.


Anonymous said...

Look for the good, hey? Well, you just found it. Some friends of mine – the Nitty Gritty Mums, here in London, make the only nit comb that actually works. It's called the Nitty Gritty NitFree, and its amazing high-tech design works on hair coated with any ordinary hair conditioner to remove not just head lice, but also nits (the unsightly empty egg cases which grow out in the hair, and are often the only visible sign of even a very severe infestation...)... not only head lice and nits, but ALSO it gets out the 'live' unhatched eggs, which every other 'remedy' leaves in place in the hair to hatch out.

Email them your postal address, to or, and they'll send you one free of charge. (They all love dogs, for one thing, and they are on a bit of a crusade about head lice, having all suffered through it many times when their daughters were teenagers...).

The NitFree Comb is also, I believe, on sale in the USA, so I'm sure they will pass on the name of the US distributor to you when you get in touch.

Like many of the dads and mums who use a NitFree Comb, I have bought EVERY nit product you can get, and the Nitty Gritty NitFree Comb really is THE ONLY ONE THAT WORKS!

PS: Also, it's cheap – ten English pounds – one does the whole family, and, get this, the Nitty Gritty Mums send you a brand new one if you ever break it. And I mean EVER break it. It's really catching on here in the UK, with four out of the major six supermarket chains now stocking it... so, no more horrible and useless chemical gunk for my kids. Hooray.

Melanie said...

LOL - Joyce. Gin. That's exactly what I said to Marc. This would be SO much easier to deal with if I COULD drink gin, b/c I sure as 'h' would have been in the sauce last week. :) Have one for me! And a straw, that's hilarious!

mmichele said...

i am going to get me some of those zennioptical glasses! what a deal. finally, glasses that cost what they SHOULD.

Linda said...

I have paid HUNDREDS of dollars for a single pair of glasses. I need to get me some of those too!