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Friday, January 22, 2010

Goin' to.... Winnipeg!

It starts to happen when you get comfortable. Even before the kids ever came along. You're at home, and you're cozy, and the remote is so beautiful.

You stop taking the time and effort to get out and enjoy all the great places right within your reach.

But while you're watching "Say Yes To The Dress" and munching on frozen shortbread leftover from Christmas; other people have remembered a little place called The Forks.

The river trail is only the world's longest skating rink, after all. Nine kilometers of delicious outdoor skating along our city's own rivers.

It was magical. Unseasonably warm for January, I breathed a silent thanks to God for not making me endure another winter like last year's. (let's just be clear- I don't actually think that God sits around manipulating weather systems for fun and kicks. But the way I see it is this- God is good. He made all this great stuff, and when I notice how good it is, I like to try and say so.)

The lost little bootie hung up on a recycled pine tree that lined the skateway was tangible evidence of the spirit this place creates- comradary, joy, and goodwill.
Lost mitts in these parts won't find themselves ground into salty filth until they become part of the messy spring clean-up that is Winnipeg.

With Festival du Voyageur right around the corner, the ice sculptures have begun to appear in our frozen city of optimism and talent. The ice castle makes me happy just to look at it- as do the faces of my beautiful Jane and her silly, fun loving companions.
Yep, it's nice to be comfortable. And I'm not opposed to shortbread in any form.
But they only grow sweeter when you get out outdoors to enjoy these other treats.


Christine said...

so lovely.
i'm with you on the "comfortable" plague.

tanya said...

It's easy to sulk at home jealous of those jet-setters who are heading somewhere South to bask in the sun on beach, but here's a pretty nice place to be too...although not so much in -40.

Mary K. said...

Looks like fun...

lettuce said...

wow the ice sculpture is amazing

i often think of you in Canada when everyone in the UK is whinging about a really rather small amount of snow

Anonymous said...

Great pics Joyce...great country...amazing how much easier winter is when ya have a good attitude...that's what I'm working on...and NO grateful....L-lew

Karla said...

Beatiful, ravishing, Jane.

Anonymous said...

Ginny has just spent hours going through pics with her daughters...
pics of fantastic outdoor play with funtastic neighbors. skating... swimming... wardrobing.. mud slinging...feasting... oh the times!
and then to see these pics...
little Jane all growed up - and out there having fun.
play on!