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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

(One of the Ways In Which) I know I Am Insane

I was on a new med for a while that made me: exhausted, nauseous, bloated, irritable, and sick with heartburn much of the time.

I was either hungry, or sick to my stomach.
I might have lost an ounce or two.

I went off the med, and now I can easily digest all of my meals and snacks.

And guess what.
I'm sad because I'm not going to get skinny.

I guess I'll never ever ever grow up.


Karla said...

"easily digest my meals and snacks!"
Made me laugh my ass off.
The deeper issue - not so much laughing.
Just a knowing nod.

joyce said...

did I mention DESSERTS?

Anonymous said...

Do we have to go up...if so what does it look like?

joyce said...

Do you mean "up" in size?
Well, that looks like.... Not Skinny. I'm not proud of this, and I dn't advocate it as a lifestyle choice. Its more like having been once addicted to meth and always craving that first hit again.

Having said that-- My favourite Ugly Sweater Quote was the wise woman who toasted to "never being hungry again- in order to be a particular size". I live like that now. And it is a lovely way to live.

Except that part of me that wants to be thinner. Most of the time, i don't give her much attention any more. I sort of just say- "Oh- hi. You again. You need to be heard? Okay..."

(spooky. V word= dessetil. This is a dessert made from lentils. I just know it is)