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Monday, January 25, 2010

Why You Really ALL Must Go Thrifting

Because whether you're willing to admit it or not; you're going to need six white vases and an old metal lunchbox soon. You know you are.

And that dear friend of yours who got a lame Christmas gift from you this year? Well, you know how she feels about those Ideals books. So, you have a chance to redeem that friendship in just a couple of weeks.

Unlike YOU, I am prepared for the prairie storm that is blasting through these parts as we speak. With my handknit socks and a new old tablecloth to turn into something besides a footrest for the man, I'm seeing clear skies ahead.

And did I mention the mother load? Oh Baby! The aprons!
There's no end to the potential upcycling that's about to happen in these parts.
So, you really must go.
Just don't go looking for the stuff that I like, ok?


Rosa said...

How many bodies in your house today?

joyce said...

well.... there's Brian, Yan, Jane, Micah, Sam, me, and two pre-schoolers.

It's blowing something wicked.
you guys?

Judy said...

Well. Okay. Since you said to.

The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

Those wonderful socks would be reason enough. Hand made...and green socks are really hard to find!

joyce said...

ooooooooh! a visit from the queen! Love your finds, also, very inspiring.

lettuce said...

oh i love the lunch box!

and pinnies! gorgeous pinnies