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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Things I miss

Reading blogs.


Judy said...

Thing I miss:

Reading Joyce's blog.

But, I understand!

Mary K. said...

Go back to blogging, Joyce. ...or not.
Swester Mary

Laura said...

Or eating soup. Or not.

Donnw/2nz said...

Blogging is a demanding Lifestyle choice that requires discipline, dedication, and a ton of screen sucking. It can become a harsh taskmaster if you feel obligated to entertain/inform the troops.

If you're content with the allotment of social intercourse that you are receiving in your so-called "real world", then you will be less likely to engage elsewhere.

Facebook is just as deep thinking certainly don't need to be entertaining, comforting, or exhorting...just send lots of colourful crapps to bombard others and guilt them into responding or you'll de-friend them!!
It's a lot closer to real life than blogging.

gophercheeks said...

Facebook is indeed superficial but blogging is therapy. Particularly Joyce's blog... she hits a nerve, a tear duct or, most often, my funny bone and I think that is why you miss it.... and we miss it too. It is also why we all take what we can get.... whatever, whenever.

Simply, eat soup while you blog! ;p

gloria said...

*gasp*... the unthinkingly cruel "de-friend" followed swiftly by the "it was a computer error... deleted a bunch of my friends" red faced re-add...