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Friday, January 15, 2010

Taking On Goliath

Do you know why most people don't "do the right thing"? Because it sucks, that's why. Do you know why we all prefer to talk to our friends about what so-and-so did that deeply wounded and offended us? Because-- they'll understand and sympathize. They won't suggest that our perceptions are faulty; our memories poor; and our intentions purely, insidiously evil. (can you have pure evil? another good question, Kehler).

Ah, yes. The big Kahuna. The face to face. The Kon Fron Tay Shun.

And as we limp away from the scene, do you know what the brain is already busy with? The conscise summaries-- profiles; if you will.

As in. Subject A is arrogant and can never be wrong- too much at stake. And subject B? oh, that bitchy, forgetful, blood-thirsty man-killer? She's just bitter. And wrong.

Doing the right thing.


mmichele said...

Well, YEAH. Bring on the people who AGREE WITH ME.

joyce said...

they're SOO much easier to WORK with, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

Do the right thing? You mean I wasn't doing the right thing when I was talking about what's-her-name behind her back because she's clearly crazy and has no filter or tact???


Judy said...

Why is it that it's those things that I find so easy to do that I need to quit doing?

joyce said...

B- I hate when you talk about me that way.

J- well. Don't do what I did. It didn't turn out well. You should write more, and quit being so nice to your grandkids. And eat more cookies. And thrift more.