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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hasta La Vista, Baby!

We couldn't have been more prepared.
At 4:45 AM, we picked up International Jet-Setting Auntie Carol to be Arianna's Grand Adventure travel mentor.

Auntie Carol was ruthlessly thorough.
She taught and re-taught. And wrote up some "cheat sheets". Decoded some lingo. Disclosed every airport mistake she herself had ever made. (they were impressive!) When the "crash course" concluded; the child had to check herself in while we watched her from the Tim Horton trenches.

We enjoyed watching her march right up to "executive class".
They checked her in anyway. Humble little EF Tours economy traveller. I think it was her good looks and obvious charm.
She's first class all the way. (in my books...)
Auntie Carol sidled up to First Class herself, once we were sure they were indeed loading her up with boarding passes and not selling her to a pirate ship in Somalia. She got herself a pass to walk Arianna through customs and teach her a little more stuff about how to read airport signs.

Oh yeah. We were cool that way.

So cool.


tanya said...

I love the last picture! Mom trying to get one last hug in, as the embarrassed teen is trying to figure out how to still look cool within the clingy death grip that only a mother has mastered.

jenn said...

How exciting!!

It must have been tough to let her go though. Did you cry? I almost cried just reading this post, I will be a mess when its my turn for my girls do something like this.

Have you heard from her yet?

Judy said...

A big day for you.

Sleep well.

Karla said...

You're one brave momma. And you look pretty damn good for 4:45 a.m.. Please let me know when your sweet girl is safe and sound.

Anonymous said...


The Naked Chef

Anonymous said...

She rolls the eyes but you know she loves it!!!