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Sunday, March 07, 2010

Sweet Happies

Thrift shop scores. I now have a cool sixteen sewing thimbles. Handy for when I start growing those extra limbs I keep putting in requests for.
Too bad the pricing lady at the store uses marker on the vintage packaging. grrrrrrr.
Thanks a whole lotta. You just de-valued that twenty-five cent item! (finding my happy back? Got most of it off with a bit of spit and eraser. Ah, yes. The sweet smells of spit and eraser.)
Didn't have the cool runners when you were a kid? Hey, it's rarely too late to placate that inner child.
Oh. Yeah.
I got it goin' on.

Check out my new button pins! Fabu-floral-icious work by Lisa-nimble-fingers. Every bit of it is handmade- the box, the shredded note paper, and the flowers fashioned out of zippers. Lucky me, when Lisa gifted this to me, I was wearing brown and orange. The corsage totally rounded out my otherwise lacking ensemble. Whew! Social wardrobing faux paus narrowly avoided!
I'll be making quite a statement around town this week with my thimbled fingers, sleek running shoes, and zipper corsages.
Maybe for something extra special, I'll get creative with those pompoms....


marci-me said...

Hi Blunderview - Joyce - I am a longtime friend of Michele's and a co-blogger - i have been reading you off and on from Michele's Laundromat for a while now - and wow, I think I want to stay! Love your blog, so I signed up. ( i too am terrible when it comes to locating tax stuff and, funny, thats when I discover other stuff I never knew I was missing..:)

Love those hand-crafted pins... and yes, I love Teal too - thinking of painting my office in a dark shade of it...


Heather Plett said...

Oh my - my inner 13 year old covets those North Star runners!

joyce said...

Why did I call those "button pins"??! Am I insane? Geez. They're made out of ZIPPERS not BUTTONS. Honestly. Every day I poop out more brains.

Yay Marci-Me!!!! NUMBER THIRTY!!!!

You're my happy today, that's for sure. Thanks so much for setting up camp.

HappyGirl02 said...

hey joyce! i so want those shoes.

just started following the blog and am so encouraged with the day to day after reading your posts! keep up the positive 'tude cause it blesses so many.

julie (ex guitar mom of brian'sguitar student cassidy, ex parent of brian's grade 2 sca student cassidy, friend of karla!)

joyce said...

wah- hoo! Funny how life happens, right? How you could be Cassidy's mom, and Brian's ex-parent-of-student, and the fabulous and terrific Karla's friend!