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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The Pig of Happiness

So it came to pass that Ginny poo poo decided to send her pig-like tale of happiness in the mail. It was with some smiling happiness that this little piggy opened the package of The Happy Pig and snarffled up the contents within.

I like that.
Poet. Sounds Real.
Artist. wow. Sounds like he gets paid for it.
Philospher. *sigh* Must sit about waxing poetic, artful wisdoms all day long. For money.
Interesting Fellow.
Hey! We can all aspire to that!

That's one fine pig.

I know! thought the pig. I shall become an EXTRAORDINARY PIG! From now on I shall stand for everything that is LIGHT and BEAUTIFUL and TRUE and WONDERFUL. I shall see the BEST in EVERYONE and the BEST in EVERYTHING.

The next day, when Pig A complained about the weather... The pig of happiness went DANCING in the rain. The day after that, when Pig B was RUDE about Pig C's bottom and all the other pigs joined in....
The Pig of Happiness gave Pig C a FLOWER and said in front of all the other pigs that he thought Pig C had a BEATIFUL bottom actually.
And so it continued daily.
After a while, the Pig of Happiness became so HAPPY with being happy that his HAPPINESS became too BIG. It had to find an ESCAPE.

And so it was that it began to leak and seep from inside him into all the other pigs. Now ALL the pigs are happy.
And their happiness is beginning to show signs of leaking too. The sheep are laughing.

Get out there and be a Happy Pig. Let all the Pig C's know that their bottoms are actually quite lovely.
You'll find that it's quite catching.


tanya said...

LOVE it!

Anonymous said...

oink oink... time had passed, and I had forgotten I sent this!
cheers to Edward, cheers to me, and cheers to you - you are one fine artist, poet, philosopher, and definitely, an intersting person. extraordinary even!

it's a gong show... said...

i LOVE it!

Anonymous said...

love! love it!! i love it!!!
Schwester Mary