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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's All Good

Tomorrow, March 31, 2010- Breaking more new ground as a family.

Sweet Jane flies away to Munich, Germany!
And her mama hasn't a care in the world.

Her first flight will be the experience I would have wished for her older sister. Safe in the company of people who have flown a bajillion times before. They'll be so busy snacking and cavorting that they won't have any time for worries and what-ifs.

Jane, her cousin, and her aunties are spending a few days in Munich before they meet Arianna and take a train together to Rome, Italy. (Here's where I get jealous). My brother, his wife, and three girls live in Rome. He is employed by the World Food Programme (United Nations) and after spending most of his career in Africa; has now moved to "headquarters"_ Rome.

Two generations are spending a few days exploring the history and wonders of Rome. All the while, deepening family bonds. (don't fight- Okay?)

Jane will be hanging out with only her favourite cousins in the entire world. In the entire history of the world. I can hear them giggling in my mind's eye. (ear?)

Now, before you all go speculating that I've actually been selling knock-off Gucci bags online in some seedy black market... Well, it's time to give credit where it is due.

My girls have been working very hard this year. Wiping bums and soothing tantrums. (the acorn don't fall far from the tree?) They've been saving and planning. And doing it very well.

At this time- allow me to thank all the families of our community for putting my daughters on airplanes... Thank you for going out of Friday nights, Sunday nights, and we'll take any nights in between....

And... then there are my sisters. Generous, sentimental lot that they are. Sweet Kathy and Mel did some mysterious world traveller- type air traffic magic for us. And Carol? Sheesh. Aside from giving a full tutorial on how to survive airports, (which paid off, thank you Jesus), I just know she'll be spoiling the criminies out of those kids. (Here. Let ME get that baguette for you. Need some chocolate? Ah, forget it. Jane. You really MUST hang glide over the Colosseum and I'm paying for it- It's your birthday presents from now until you are thirty-four.)

And I really should mention that Brian tried to convince me to empty the meager coffers, let the deck rot for another four years, and spontaneously buy myself a ticket to Rome.

But then I thought of the paperwork.

Daycare waivers that would have to be signed...

In the event that you or your beloved
should fall to your death or
dismemberment through the widening
decay of an aging home in the slums of Hoo-Ville,
Ye must agree to never prosecute or even make to
feel guilty the daycare provider
or her man partner
or her offspring
Nor her oxen or her ass.
If indeed the deck doth kill thee, thou
must remain motionless and silent,


I don't love paperwork.
I'm staying home.
With this lot.
Doing Exciting Local Stuff.
On the deck.


Judy said...


All I can think to write is WOW.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that there would be a gently used piece on indoor/outdoor carpet at the thrift shop. Throw that down over the deck and 'ta-da', instant makeover. I would also be willing to boost my kids through the window when the deck becomes to rickety. Just saying....GO!

Anonymous said...

Joyce, if Mary can do this spur of the moment, so should you!!! When will we ever get another chance such as this? Ever? I'll do all your paperwork tonight between midnight and 6AM. I have that time "open" right now....

love you,

joyce said...

Is it really wise to mention the thrift shop on a Tuesday, when I am supposedly looking after YOUR children......

Ah, they'll be fine. If I'm not here when you get done work... And the kids are.... WEll I'l write up a waiver for that too.

Karla said...

I think you should go too.... and I think Brian looks hot in that garbage bag.

Karla said...

Let me clarify - "hot" as in vavava voom

jenn said...

Screw the deck! Go to Europe! Us daycare people can figure something out for a week.

Anonymous said...

Amen sistah! SCREW the deck! Go to Europe!! I'll even book your flight since I'm so experienced now. And kathy has offered to do your paperwork in her "spare" time! How FUN would that be? Listen to your husband and your friends and your sisters, ok????
Schwester Mary

Anonymous said...

Hope your girls have the time of their lives. Sorry that you aren't going, but there will always be another time! They will have the travel bug now and will want to go on a "girls only" trip with their travel wise aunties AND their mom!! Then your boys will grow up and be jealous and want their mom to go on a trip with them.... and so on and so on... I am getting jealous of all the traveling you are going to do IN THE FUTURE!!

The Naked Chef

joyce said...

bah! twice now blogger lost my comment!

Lori said...

Enjoyed all your posts from the last week. Your daughter's adventure and your 'important local stuff'. Just think about all the cool stories your girl will have when she comes home.

Candy said...

GO to Europe!!! I traveled Euope and it was the most romantic most trasured adventure I have yet to experience, in a travelling sense that is. In all, I would have to say my three boys and hubby would be the most greatest adventure.

Love ya!
And if you go, DO NOT miss Italy, it's Fan-freaking-tastic!!!!!!!!

Candy said...

I sounded realy menno there, trasured, I meant to write treasured.

Oh, you can take the girl out of Mennoville but you can't take the Mennoville out of the girl!


Anonymous said...

Yep...u should go...L-lew

joyce said...

ok people. I'll go to Europe already. Well, actually no. Not this time.

thanks, Lori. "Pinch me, this is my family" is what I've been thinking lately. I can't wait to see how my girls have blossomed.

I like trasured.

Linda- I think you'd make an awesome honorary sister. Maybe YOU should go? (better invite Roselle then too...)

Linda said...

What a lucky daughter you have! She will forever be grateful to you and all the other people who caused this most wonderful adventure to happen. My folks sent me all by myself on an airplane to the Netherlands when I was not quite 16. I will never forget it.